Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Allegedly Sent Prince George Mini Hoodies and Skinny Jeans

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want to make sure that the royal baby looks stylish while he watches the throne, so the couple allegedly sent the tot some mini versions of Kanye's clothing.

Kimye reportedly decided that Kate Middleton and Prince William need to dress little Prince George in tiny "skinny jeans and hoodies." As Vanity Fair points out, this baby gift claim was reported by The Sun, so it needs to be taken with a grain of salt bigger than Kanye's ego. But while it might be difficult to believe that Kimye sees skinny jeans as appropriate baby wear, keep this in mind: Kim did tell Jimmy Kimmel that Kanye is going to have special clothes made for North West that will feature "chains and leather pants." An infant might be more comfortable in a miniature version of Kanye's $120 "Hip-Hop T-shirt," but a plain white tee is probably a bit too boring for the royal baby.

If the rumor about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sending some stylish duds to Prince George is false, don't worry -- Kris Jenner will probably clear things up on her talk show soon (in case you haven't noticed, she spends a lot of time gabbing about her daughter's lives). This wouldn't be the first time a rumor about Kim, Kate, and clothing proved to be untrue, either. Remember those erroneous reports about Kate returning some Kardashian Kollection clothing that Kim sent her? A source at the time scoffed at the idea of Kate wearing leopard print to a big event, but the Duchess of Cambridge went on to rock a white leopard print dress during her christening of the Royal Princess ship. Well, some media outlets were calling it "Dalmatian print," but who wants to think of Kate as Cruella de Vil?

So since Kate is willing to take fashion risks, maybe Prince George will also be a trendsetter by wearing clothes like Kanye. Prince William has admitted that he's a fan of the rapper, and crazy things have been happening in the Kardashian world since the birth of North West -- Beyonce and Jay-Z even stopped by Kris Jenner's house to visit Kim and North. The hip-hop power couple are definitely good pals to have if Kimye wants to have any control over the royal baby's closet -- Jay and Queen Bey reportedly have royal connections since Prince George is the 23rd cousin twice removed of their daughter Blue Ivy.

So can you picture the future king rocking hoodies and skinny jeans?

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