Kanye West’s $6,000 Shoe Debut Teaches Us to Dream Big and Aim High

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Kanye West

Fashion rocks. That's what our favorite musicians have been showing us ever since they hit the stage. But as times progress, we're finding more and more celebrities (read: musicians) diving into our closets and telling us what's cool to wear. Enter the stage, rapper Kanye West who---like several of his counterparts---has decided to take his foray into clothing up a notch. He's just released a pricey woman's shoe with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

He hasn't attended a design institute officially, but has allegedly applied for internships. It's quite obvious that couture is very much a passion. Anyone can pump out a few pairs of jeans. However, taking the time to understand the fundamentals of high fashion requires a different kind of devotion. The question we need to be asking ourselves is whether we would have accepted Kanye's fashion sense (or enthusiasm) if he hadn't made it in hip-hop.

Let's talk about the shoes.

For all intents and purposes, these shoes are pretty fierce. And if we're to believe reports, Kanye and Giuseppe both designed the stunning pair of pearl-encrusted, cream-colored, knit adorned stilettos. But would we still spend nearly $6,000 for a shoe without any name brand association? No offense to Yeezy. But after all, isn't the Zanotti stamp of approval ultimately what fashionistas are paying for?

What do critics think?

We're not saying that people don't have the ability to develop all sorts of talents in their lifetime. The "Graduation Day" rapper has been dabbling in fashion since 2009. But that doesn't mean that the world is taking him seriously. His womenswear debut in 2011 met quite a few lackluster responses. As such, his shoe-designing acumen may come under extra scrutiny.

What it all boils down to is our wholehearted embrace of celebrity influence into our lives. Some celebs really do have other untapped talents by which they can prosper. Our capitalistic tendencies often squeeze the last drop of life from any celebrity trend. As such, we'll continue to buy the perfumes, jewelry, liquor, and shoes that evoke fond memories of our favorite stars.

Whether we believe in the talents of said stars has yet to be determined. Giuseppe's stiletto collaboration with Kanye perhaps speaks to his desire to introduce his brand to the urban community. It's a win-win situation. We'll never really know whether West's latent abilities included outfitting a lady's foot in $6,000 fierceness. In any case, the woman who can afford to wear these shoes probably owns a closet full of celebrity-designed "masterpieces."

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