Kaitlyn Leeb’s Three-Breasted Mutant a Hit: Which Other Actresses Have Sported Crazy Appendages?

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Kaitlyn Leeb's character in the "Total Recall" remake is getting a lot of attention, but the actress is a little annoyed with having to educate her new fanboys about her show-stopping look.

Kaitlyn made jaws drop by rocking her three-breasted mutant costume at Comic-Con, and now she can't believe how clueless some people are about her real anatomy. During an interview with the Calgary Herald, she complained, "There were a bunch of people at Comic-Con asking if I had surgery for the third one. Others thought that the two on the side were real. I guess that's the one thing that bothers me the most is that they think I'm out there prancing around Comic-Con with my breasts out. They really are not mine."

Kaitlyn might be complaining now, but she's probably also hoping that this job leads to a better movie career than that of the actress who played the three-breasted prostitute in the original "Total Recall" movie (can you recall her name?).

Kaitlyn's third breast is a pretty odd appendage, but she's not the only actress to rock a bizarre body part in a movie.

Bewitching beauty Eva Green recently played a witch who gets to lick Johnny Depp with a lizard-like tongue in the vampire flick "Dark Shadows." Her extra-tongue appendage actually managed to steal the spotlight from Johnny's fangs (and hopefully no one asked her if it was real).

Angelina Jolie will also be playing a sexy but sinister sorceress in the upcoming movie "Maleficent," but she'll be intimidating her enemies with a giant pair of horns. This new look should give Team Aniston fans plenty to joke about, but we still think that Angie's right leg will remain her most famous appendage.

Angie might play an evil fairy in "Maleficent," but she probably won't get to rock an awesome pair of gossamer wings like those that fly girl Zoe Kravitz shows off in "X-Men: First Class." Her mutant stripper character's dragon fly-like appendages make her look like the superhero version of Tinkerbell.

And Zoe isn't the only actress who has been a winged wonder - Megan Fox played an angel-like circus sideshow performer in the movie "Passion Play." Unfortunately Megan as a topless bird lady didn't stir any passion in the hearts of critics, and even the movie's star Mickey Rourke admitted that the movie was terrible.

But Christina Ricci had to don one of the silliest movie prosthetics - her character is cursed with the nose of a pig in the fairytale movie "Penelope." Daryl Hannah is another actress who rocked an animal body part, but her mermaid character could easily get rid of her fish tail by simply getting out of the water in "Splash." If only things were so simple for poor Ariel.

Uma Thurman's odd body parts were also a big part of her character's story in the bizarre film "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" - having gigantic thumbs made her character an expert hitchhiker.

But perhaps actress Delphine Chaneac has played the movie character with the craziest appendages - her human/animal hybrid character Dren in the horror movie "Splice" has hand-like feet, a tail with a stinger, and retractable wings. The combination of human and animal characteristics makes her character really creepy, and the direction the movie goes is rather disturbing.

So does Kaitlyn Leeb's three-breasted costume just make her three times a lady, or do you find her extra appendage creepy?

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