Justin Timberlake's Sporting a Beard -- 3 Awesome Celebrity Beards

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Justin TImberlake at the "Shrek 3" premier in 2007.

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Justin TImberlake at the "Shrek 3" premier in 2007.

Getting engaged means taking the next step, and sometimes that can mean some changes, whether big or small. For Jessica Biel that means seeing her new fiance, singer Justin Timberlake sprout a new growth. Oh, it's nothing to be that alarmed about, but he has been recently photographed sporting a brand new full beard. It's quite a different look for the star of "Bad Teacher" star has definitely worn some facial hair from time to time, but usually just a smattering of stubble. What Timbo's got now though qualifies as a full-blown beard.

No word on whether this facial-hair is needed for a new part Justin's playing in a movie or TV show, or if he just wanted to try out something new. If Jessica's got no problem with it, the rest of us should probably get used to the new, bearded Justin Timberlake. If he needs some inspiration for his beard, perhaps he can draw it from these other awesome famous beards.

Conan O'Brien - When NBC juggled hosts of "The Tonight Show" back in January of 2010, it wound up kicking poor Coco out of a job. When he emerged for this nationwide comedy tour a few weeks later he had added a ginger beard. The beard came to symbolize many things to Conan and his fans, but was eventually shaved off with the help of comedian and Conan pal Will Ferrell. Though it made a brief reappearance a few weeks ago, Conan has once again gone clean-shaven, though he's let his sideburns grow a bit.

Zach Galifianakis - The "Hangover" star has one of the most instantly recognizable beards in show business. It's long, unruly, and absolutely endearing. When Zach hosted "Saturday Night Live" last year he actually shaved his trademark beard off in a sketch, proving that nothing is sacred in the pursuit of a laugh. Though he looked shockingly different in just a mustache, the funny was still there, proving there's no Samson-like connection between his beard and his hilarity.

Joaquin Phoenix - Whether or not the whole thing was an elaborate practical joke or not, the star of "Gladiator" and "Walk the Line" grew an enormous beard a couple of years ago and made a mockumentary about changing his career path to become a hip-hop artist. In "I'm Still Here," Phoenix looked nothing like himself, and he even did a bizarre appearance on David Letterman's show on CBS during the time period. The film wasn't terribly great, but boy that beard sure was!

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