Justin Timberlake's Six Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches--Which Were Your Favorites?

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Justin Timberlake's Six Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches--Which Were Your Favorites?

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Justin Timberlake is set to host "Saturday Night Live" once again, taking over sketches and playing as the musical guest on March 9. This marks the fifth time the pop star/actor leads the show, but he's also had multiple cameos on the late night comedy series over the years. Pretty much every second JT appears is a highlight on "SNL," but here are some of his most memorable moments on the show.

Bronx Beat: "Saturday Night Live" alum Maya Rudolph came back to host the show in early 2012, and the audience roared with delight when Amy Poehler joined her on stage for another episode of their crazy talk show "Bronx Beat." The ladies babbled away like always about their dismal married lives and TMI horror stories, then decided to interview two of their crew. The crowe howled again once they realized that the bearded boom guy was none other than Timberlake, and the gals did their best not to crack up as the surprise guest and Andy Samberg did their babbling, sexual-innuendo-laden schtick right back at them.

"Homelessville" and "Liquorville": There's nothing that can compare to that first time in 2006 when we saw JT in the giant cup-of-soup costume, with big white-gloved hands and giant shoes, bustin' a move for "Homelessville." As he did his best to show up Will Forte's Santa Claus, "Saturday Night Live" fans got treated to the pop star's serious comedy skills, working that costume for every laugh possible with no fear about looking ridiculous.

The sketch went through several incarnations as fans clamored for more, and in 2011 "SNL" upped the ante with three musical acts for "Liquorville." Timberlake gave serious attitude to Kristen Wiig's tea shop singer, and some serious side-eye over her use of "tea bag" as a verb. To top it all off, Lady Gaga appeared in a concert-appropriate wine bottle costume to shake her grapes with the sexy guest host.

Barry Gibb Talk Show: It is impossible not to love the spot-on impersonation of the Gibb brothers that Jimmy Fallon and JT conjured up for each incarnation of this "Saturday Night Live" favorite, complete with disco-dancing and high-pitched harmonies. We got the joy of watching Fallon go absolutely bonkers in each episode, while our favorite singer/comedian desperately tried to stay in character as the stoic and nearly wordless Robin. It's tough to pick a favorite, but the 2005 version had hilarious hotties Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz joining in, and Timberlake's suppressed giggles actually got Fallon to crack.

Put a Ring On It: Everyone's favorite "Saturday Night Live" guest star again proved he had no shame when it came to comedy during the 2008 episode with host Paul Rudd. Timberlake and Samberg teamed up with Bobby Moynihan as leotard-wearing backup dancers for Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video. The sketch was hilarious enough visually as the guys shimmied through the choreography in the skimpy outfits and heels, but it got turned up to 11 when then they started gyrating inappropriately against the horrified diva.

"D--- in a Box": This outrageous video sketch with Samberg put JT on the comedy map in a big way in 2006, and the viral hit ramped up both guys' stardom level in a matter of hours. The mix of a legitimately catchy tune and smooth dance moves along with Euro trash outfits and a shockingly audacious theme catapulted this little digital short into one of the greatest hits "Saturday Night Live" has ever produced. To top it off, the song won actual respectability with an Emmy the following year.

What do you think, omg! readers? Which was your favorite Timberlake moment on "Saturday Night Live"?

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