Justin Timberlake Kicks Off ‘20/20’ Tour: Why He’s Hollywood’s Newest ‘It’ Guy

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Justin Timberlake Kicks Off ‘20/20’ Tour: Why He’s Hollywood’s Newest ‘It’ Guy

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Justin Timberlake

Now that Justin Timberlake's much-anticipated album "20/20 Experience" has reared its head, we can't help but notice that he is practically everywhere these days. And thanks to Live Nation's insistence that he take his show on the road, the dapper crooner will literally be coming to a town near you this summer. Considering his slathering of endorsements and appearances (a national campaign with Target, and multiple visits to Jimmy Fallon's late night show, for starters), it's no surprise that Live Nation decided to capitalize off Timberlake's growing steam. Check out these other reasons why the hunky triple-threat seems to be the industry's newest Golden Boy.

His love life is Disneyland; yours is the playground.

The only thing better than having a reputation as a ladies' man, is having the reputation of a ladies' man-turned-doting husband. To that end, it's not enough just to say that Justin left his free-wheeling days behind to marry bombshell Jessica Biel. You've also got to acknowledge Timberlake's savvy in keeping his romance with said bombshell relatively private.

He's doing the grown man thing.

Justin's weight in the industry is pretty spectacular, which is evidenced by the near-million sales of his latest album, "The 20/20 Experience." The album is a mix of styles-all of which point to a decidedly more nostalgic place. While breakout single, "Suit & Tie" seems to befit his new outlook on life and love, the concept for "Mirrors" echoes a sentimental story surrounding his grandfather.

He's setting SNL records.

Justin's done a great job of showing us his wacky side, which is why the "Alpha Dog" actor also holds another coveted position in Hollywood: one in a handful of celebrities to host "Saturday Night Live" at least five times. He's appeared in so many sketches that he's practically a permanent cast member. His raunchy musical short "D*ck in a Box" and a spoof of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" are highlights of his "career" on one of NBC's living dinosaurs.

Hollywood loves chameleons.

Perhaps J-Tim's biggest feat is proving himself to be the ultimate crossover artist. Topping R&B/pop charts for nearly two decades, while maintaining a clean-cut image in mainstream America is no easy feat. Yet the "Cry Me a River" singer has managed to make this look like a cakewalk. Mixing up the roles in his acting career also doesn't hurt. Perhaps it's that crossover appeal that allows Justin to meld into so many different characters.

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