Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel - Why Their Marriage Will Last

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Justin Timberlake at the Shrek the Third London premiere.

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Justin Timberlake at the Shrek the Third London premiere.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake apparently had more than just a new year on the calendar to celebrate over the weekend. According to US Weekly, sources close to the couple have reported that Timberlake brought romance back and proposed to the 29-year-old Biel while on a trip in the mountains of Wyoming. Though the pair had split for a few weeks last year, they managed to rekindle their love, and now they are ready to take the plunge together.

So why the mountains of Wyoming? According to the US Weekly source, "Justin knows how much she loves snowboarding and the mountains, so it was the perfect place." You've got to hand it to Justin, he certainly knows his bride-to-be well enough to know the perfect place to pop the question!

Between the Kardashian/Humphries and Brand/Perry marriages that ranged in time from 72 days to just over one full year, it would be easy to assume that this celebrity marriage could suffer the same fate. However, there are a few reasons that Jessica and Justin could make a real go of it, and keep the fires burning for years and years to come.

They've Been Together Almost Five Years - It's no small thing that the two have been dating for over four years. Perhaps what dooms most celebrity marriages is that the couple involved rarely takes their time to get to know each other, and they just get caught up in the spectacle and fun that is planning a wedding. Justin and Jessica though have managed to make their relationship work for nearly a half-decade, and that should help give them some much-needed experience.

They've Already Weathered a Break-Up or Two - Some might argue that an on-again, off-again relationship might not be the most steady footing on which to build a long-lasting marriage. However, the flip-side of that is the idea that if they managed to stay together after separating in the past, that they have at this point truly made a decision to be together, and so they'll both be invested in continuing to make their relationship work.

They're Both Veterans of Show Business - Justin really broke through into the mainstream on "The Mickey Mouse Club" almost 20 years ago. Jessica was a star on the WB's long running show "7th Heaven" which first hit the airwaves when she was just 14-years-old. By now they've both seen what can happen in Hollywood to even the most committed couple. This experience will hopefully give them a leg-up on staying together.

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