Justin Theroux's Sexy Six Pack, Hollywood's Hottest Six Pack Abs

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Us Magazine released some amazing photographs of Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux on vacation in Capri. While most photos like this focus on the beautiful actress in beachwear, these particular photographs showcased Theroux, shirtless, and possessing some rock solid six pack abs.

Theroux, the screenwriter of movies such as "Rock of Ages" and "Iron Man 2," is not the only Hollywood star who enjoys showing off his great abs. Here are some more actors with some of the hottest six packs in Hollywood.

Channing Tatum

Most of the world will get to see how chiseled Channing Tatum's abs are in the upcoming movie, "Magic Mike." In that movie, Tatum plays a male stripper, recalling his pre-acting days of dancing on the stage for dollars. While he is playing a stripper in the movie, Tatum said he is not always excited to strip down for the world to see.

"It's harder than anyone thinks for guys to be sexy, Tatum said. "Everything you're trying to do to be sexy makes you look like a clown."

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson has shown off his amazing six pack on numerous occasions, including the adrenaline packed action movie "2 Fast 2 Furious." Gibson has a cut and defined six pack, something he said he has to do in order to be ready for any movie role or opportunity that reveals itself.

"I like to run at least five miles a day," Gibson said of his workout routine. "You know, abs, bench, chest, arms. I do what they call like a 'vanity workout.' It's like you just want to look good, you want to feel like a star."

Taylor Lautner

If any actor is known for running around without a shirt, flaunting his six pack abs for the world to see, it is Taylor Lautner. The problem with this is that, when Lautner first started taking his shirt off in movies, he was still a minor.

Lautner was 16 when he appeared in "Twilight" and his propensity to run around shirtless became a joke. Sadly, when he made it to the fourth movie in the series, he kept his shirt on a little more often.

"It was a fantastic thing, I definitely didn't want to [take my top off]," Lautner said. "My character goes through a lot emotionally and I didn't want it to be the focus."

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