Justin Bieber Vs. Selena Gomez: Their Very Different Post-Split Images

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Justin Bieber has a wacky sense of style

More bad news for Justin Bieber -- his former pet hamster Pac has died.

The Biebs caused a minor controversy when he handed the hamster over to a random fan last December. The move made Justin look like an immature kid -- he treated a living thing like a toy that he got tired of playing with. Luckily Belieber Tori McClure did her best to take care of Justin's cute castoff before revealing on Twitter that Pac died of old age.

Hamstergate is just one of the many stories that has tarnished Justin Bieber's image since his split from Selena Gomez last November. But while he's seemingly been struggling to grow up and leave his teen dream days behind, Selena has been doing remarkably well.

Selena's Sexy Style vs. Justin's Fashion Farce

Selena Gomez was a sexy stunner at the SXSW premiere of her movie "Spring Breakers," where she donned a drop-dead gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress composed of an orange skirt and floral bra-style top. It was the perfect look for her grown-up role in the film about a group of girls gone wild. Selena did bright colors right, but the Biebs majorly bombed when he rocked this beastly ensemble. His leopard-print drop-crotch pants make it look like he's wearing a dirty diaper designed by Snooki.

Selena Gets a Rave Review While Justin Gets Roasted

After Britney Spears saw a video of Selena and her "Spring Breakers" co-stars singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" at a press conference, she tweeted, "Awww @selenagomez can duet with me anytime!" Selena had to be pretty stoked about that compliment. Meanwhile Justin has been getting blasted by his fellow celebs -- Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney said that Justin Bieber didn't deserve a Grammy, and Olivia Wilde tweeted that he need to put his "f**king shirt on" after seeing a shirtless photo of the Biebs taken on the night of his "worst birthday." A Belieber tried (and failed) to defend her idol by tweeting Olivia with this hilarious diss: "r u a lesbian or r u too old." One Direction also attempted to stand up for the Biebs, but the British boy band's pity just isn't the same thing as Brit-Brit's praise for Selena.

Selena Delights Her Fans While Justin Disappoints His

Selena might be all grown up, but she hasn't forgotten where she came from -- her fans will be thrilled to see her return to her roots this Friday in the Disney Channel movie "The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex." While she's bewitching her fans by starring in that magical movie, the Biebs has been disappointing his -- he had to cancel a concert in Portugal after his troublesome time in London, which included a health scare and a paparazzi-induced tantrum.

So do you think thinks will ever get better for the Biebs, or did his breakup from Selena lead to a downward spiral that he won't be able to stop?

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