Justin Bieber Vs. One Direction in Bad Boy Battle

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Justin Bieber doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of One Direction lately.

He recently hung up on the Mojo in the Morning radio show because Mojo made a joke about how Justin should be worried about his mom around Harry Styles (Hazza has a reputation for loving older ladies), and the Biebs has said that he could beat the boy band if he was to ever do battle with them. Justin said of the violent way he'd take them down, "I'd try a spin-kick. To the face.'' Their adorable mugs are their money-makers, after all.

Perhaps Justin is just jealous of One Direction because they're much better at being bad boys than he is. Here's a look at how he stacks up against the guy group in a bad boy battle royale:

The Ladies

Justin and Selena Gomez almost seem like an old married couple at this point, so Justin definitely can't best Harry here. Hazza has been linked to a long line of women, but the 18-year-old's relationships with 32-year-olds Caroline Flack and Lucy Horobin have gotten the most tabloid attention. It's hard to imagine Justin having an affair with a married woman, but that's exactly what Harry did after falling in love (or lust) with Lucy.

Naughty Language

The Biebs and One Direction might not use naughty words in their songs, but they certainly don't mind flinging them at fans. Earlier this year Justin yelled "F**k you!" at two fans and flipped them off for filming him with Selena at Disneyland, but it will be hard for him to top Niall Horan's dirty mouth - he recently labelled a group of his fans "a shower of c**ts." The Irish singer did later apologize for the term, trying to explain that he was just having some friendly banter with girls that he considers "mates." We'd hate to hear how he talks when he's angry!

Naughty Clothing

Speaking of naughty words, last year Justin payed homage to Cee Lo Green's beloved song with a "F**k You! And F**K Her Too!" T-shirt. It's not a look that parents would want young Beliebers replicating, but parents of Directioners were probably even more shocked if they saw Zayn Malik's "F**k You" shirt - the naughty word wasn't censored on his.

Justin has also tried to look like a bad boy by showing off his underwear - last month he lifted up his shirt to show off his green drawers and saggy pants to a crowd of Beliebers in Spain. However, he can't top Harry when it comes to showing skin - the One Direction singer appeared in nothing but a pair of briefs in 1D's "Up All Night" concert DVD.


At least Justin can compete here. He recently got his sixth tattoo, which is the Japanese Kanji symbol for "music." However, his tiny tat looks pretty pathetic next to Zayn's ink celebrating his love of a music - a massive microphone on his arm. But since both guys have more than five tattoos, we'll call this one even.


It was somewhat shocking when Justin admitted to having a beer back in May, but Directioners don't think anything of Niall's love of pints anymore - while the Biebs had to be sure to let everyone know that he never lets his drinking get out of control, fellow 18-year-old Niall has no issue with getting so drunk that he gives pole dancing a go.

So perhaps Justin wants to give all these singers a few spin-kicks to the face because they do the bad boy thing so much better than he does. One Direction seems to get away with a lot more than Justin can, so who can blame him if he's feeling a bit bitter towards the British boy band?

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