Justin Bieber Twitter-Taunts His Former Accuser?-- 3 Reasons He Should Have Stayed Mum

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Oh Justin, did you really need to go there?

Over the weekend pop sensation Justin Bieber sent some digital comeuppance to Mariah Yeater, the young woman who last year claimed she and The Biebs had procreated together, in the form of a tweet. The young pop star who has taken the world by storm on a squeaky-clean, family-friendly reputation didn't take the accusations lying down. He agreed to take a paternity test in the suit to clear his name, but Yeater eventually wound up dropping the suit, closing this bizarre incident out...or so we all thought.

Then on Saturday, after about five months of silence on the issue, Bieber took this Twitter account and its over twenty million followers, and blasted his accuser. "@justinbieber: Dear mariah yeeter...we have never met...so from the heart i just wanted to say..." included in the tweet was a link to a YouTube clip of the film "Borat" in which the titular character repeats the phrase "You will never get this."

The question now becomes why, after all this time did Justin feel the need to come out swinging against Yeater? By all rights this story had sort of died on the vine and would only be mentioned in passing conversations about "remember when..." For three big reasons we think Bieber should have just kept on keeping quiet about the incident.

That's Not His Style - Or at least, it wasn't his style in the past to use his fame to attack anyone. Granted, what Yeater was accusing Justin of was a direct attack on his public persona. However, the whole story caved-in on itself, exonerating Bieber completely, so his reputation was quickly restored. Is it not a little bullying to go after the woman now, months after the story fizzled out, or does this mark a new, tougher direction for Bieber?

No One Cared Anymore - It's highly likely that the potential paternity problem wasn't really on anyone's conversation topic list before Justin's tweet-blast. Taunting Yeater, however, certainly does put the entire story back in the news. For Justin, the best thing that happened to him was the story going away quickly. Bringing it back up via his taunting tweet is like looking a gift-horse in the mouth.

It Wasn't Really All That Clever - We hate to break it to Bieber, but his joke lands kind of flatly, once the initial "Oh no he didn't" effect wears off. It actually reads very much like a high school prank than it does a well-crafted sarcastic or sardonic retort. If the joke's subtext wasn't essentially, "You lied and you'll never get to sleep with me" maybe there'd be more to laugh at. Perhaps if his joke spoke more to the sad fact that celebrities constantly have to fend themselves off from false accusations like this, there'd be more sympathy garnered. This just comes off as a bullying and not-well crafted joke.

Do you think Justin was right to blast his former accuser on Twitter after all this time? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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