Justin Bieber: Too Much Too Soon or Does He Have a Napoleon Complex?

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Justin Bieber: Too Much Too Soon or Does He Have a Napoleon Complex?

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The gossip world is abuzz with speculation that 19-year-old superstar Justin Bieber may be prosecuted over the latest altercation he got involved in with a neighbor at his ritzy Calabasas apartment complex. Car mogul, Jeffrey Schwartz, who reportedly has lived at the complex for 10 years, came over to confront Bieber about speeding around in his Ferrari. He alleges that the boy wonder used profane language and spit on him.

Schwartz called the police and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has investigated the incident. TMZ reports that they turned up a witness, a gardener, who saw Bieber spit on Schwartz from across the street. Whether you find that credible or not, it's not like the incident where Bieber was accused of assaulting a photographer while out with Selena Gomez. Since there were no witnesses, that case was dropped.

It also doesn't help that while on his London tour, Bieber was videotaped using profane language while threatening to assault a British reporter. He had to be held back by his own bodyguard. Bieber had just been released from the hospital after a fainting spell on stage and the reporter was clearly out of bounds, baiting him with insults. Still, when you add it up all, it wouldn't be totally outrageous to conclude that Justin Bieber has a potty mouth and believes that physical violence is an acceptable response in certain encounters.

The kind of money that Justin Bieber has been racking up since he exploded onto the teen idol scene is inconceivable to most adults, let alone teenagers. It's been estimated by Parade Magazine that the pop sensation made in excess of $6,000 an hour in 2012. Too much money and too much fame have been the downfall of quite a few adults. With a net worth in excess of $100 million dollars, Justin Bieber can indulge his almost every whim and desire. And he's not even 21! How can he not have a feeling of power and entitlement?

But being wealthy and famous just isn't a good excuse for arrogant behavior. Bieber has another excuse: In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, the singer pointed out that he is only 19 years old and is still maturing. "I mess up sometimes. It's part of growing up."

Another possible reason for Bieber's short fuse could be that he is, well, short. A person is said to have a Napoleon complex when he is perceived as overcompensating for his diminutive stature through the use of physical and verbal aggression. The French emperor it is named after was approximately 5' 7" tall, about the same height as Bieber, more or less. It's doubtful that Napoleon Bonaparte was mocked, at least to his face, as relentlessly as Bieber. The paparazzi and tabloids love to make fun of Bieber's height. The pop star's violent threat in London did come off as if he wanted to show the reporter calling him names that just because he is small, it does not mean that he is weak.

Whatever it is, being hounded by reporters is a part of the business Justin Bieber is in that he needs to learn how to handle better. It sure looks like he could also use some guidance in having respect for the community where you reside.

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