Justin Bieber was Target of Apparent Murder Plot: Other Stars with Similar Experiences

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Justin Bieber was Target of Apparent Murder Plot: Other Stars with Similar Experiences

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Justin Bieber was the target of a murder plot.

A scary murder plot involving Justin Bieber has come to light. According to a report from a New Mexico radio station, a prison inmate named Dana Martin recruited the services of a fellow convict and his nephew in order to carry out four murders, including that of the pop star. The station reports that the nephew was planning to kill Justin while he performed a concert at Madison Square Garden. Fortunately, the scheme was foiled when Martin reportedly ratted out his fellow conspirators. In the last few years, a number of stars have been linked to potential murder plots. Here are a few celebs that can relate to Justin's recent scare.

Joss Stone

In 2011, the singer was almost the victim of murder by two men near her home in England. The men had planned to rob and kill the star, but they were busted when locals reported their suspicious vehicle. Obviously, the whole ordeal left Joss a little shaken in the weeks that followed. "That is a little bit crazy," she said about a month after the incident. "That is. God, I could go on about that for some time."

Sandra Bullock

In 2010, the FBI investigated a potential plot involving the talented actress. While Sandra was dealing with a string of headlines about ex-husband Jesse James' affair with Michelle McGee, McGee's former husband claimed that he had learned of a plot to kill both he and Sandra. According to a phone call that he received, it was Michelle that was the brains behind the evil plan. After looking into the situation, the FBI determined that the entire threat was bogus.

Jon Cryer

In 2010, the "Two and a Half Men" actor asked the FBI to investigate whether or not he was the target of a potential hit. According to the report, Jon was concerned that his ex-wife Sarah Trigger had hired someone to kill him. Sarah denied any involvement in a murder plot, but her former boyfriend claimed that she had asked him to kill the actor. In an effort to protect the couple's young son, Jon remained largely quiet on the whole scandal. However, security around the actor was heightened during the investigation.

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