Justin Bieber Stops By Selena Gomez's House - 5 Women He Should Date Instead

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Justin Bieber Stops By Selena Gomez's House - 5 Women He Should Date Instead

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Justin Bieber has a wacky sense of style

Justin Bieber recently stopped by Selena Gomez' house, but Jelena fans probably shouldn't start celebrating just yet.

The Biebs was only at his ex-girlfriend's casa for an hour when he dropped by Wednesday afternoon. So perhaps he stopped by to retrieve some of his things from her place, like a gas mask or a garbage bag full of shirts. He's obviously missing a lot of his tops since he's so often spotted rocking the shirtless look.

Since Justin Bieber just can't seem to stay away from Selena Gomez, maybe it's time for him to start looking for a rebound love. The ladies below might not be who a matchmaker would choose for Justin, but it sure would be fun to see him date them.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda and Justin actually have something in common -- they're both troubled child stars, and they're both terrible drivers. Justin recently got into an altercation with a neighbor who accused him of driving recklessly, while Amanda's disastrous driving record includes hit-and-runs, a DUI, and driving without a license. They also share a love of odd fashion -- Justin has his drop-crotch pants and Amanda has her cheek piercings. It's just a shame that Drake already owns Amanda's heart (or at least he's won over her lady parts).

Taylor Swift

Since Taylor and Selena are pals, just imagine all the angsty songwriting that would result from a Jaylor hookup! Selena could pen, "I'll Never Ever be Your BFF Again," and Taylor could write, "I Came & Got Your Ex" in honor of Selena's new single titled "Come & Get It." By dating Taylor, Justin would also be getting sweet revenge on Selena for telling David Letterman that she made the Biebs cry.

A Victoria's Secret Model

Justin was once spotted hanging with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, but the Biebs' beat didn't help him score a relationship with the beauty. However, if he wants to party like a rock star, perhaps he shouldn't give up on pursuing the leggy women that rockers love so much. Maybe model-dater Adam Levine could give him a few tips, like this crazy idea for a first date: dress up fancy and go to McDonald's.

Dakota Fanning

Justin is trying to make the move to acting by working on a basketball flick with Mark Wahlberg, so perhaps he needs to start looking for an actress girlfriend. Dakota would be an excellent choice because she seems like a well-grounded gal who hasn't gone off the rails after a career as a child star.

Taylor Momsen

It would just be so great to see this former "Gossip Girl" star give the Biebs a goth makeover -- he could grow his hair out and start wearing guyliner, and maybe he could even perform with Taylor's grunge band The Pretty Reckless. But the best part of this pairing would definitely be seeing Taylor make Justin look like a hobbit by towering over him in her 15-inch stripper heels.

So who do you think that Justin should date next?

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