Justin Bieber’s New Song Evidence that He Has Boy Bands on the Brain?

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Justin Bieber's latest hard and heavy Dubstep tune "As Long As You Love Me" might not sound anything like the Backstreet Boys' sweet love song of the same name, but surely he had to realize that he was copying the title of the boy band's hit.

But who could blame the Biebs for having boy bands on the brain lately? British groups like The Wanted and One Direction are starting to get the kind of attention he's not used to sharing, so maybe he's a bit concerned that he won't be able to keep up with them by going at it alone. Perhaps that's why he keeps collaborating with so many different artists.

Earlier this year the Biebs even tweeted about creating a supergroup with Maroon 5 hottie Adam Levine. He was probably just joking around, but that would definitely be one way to deal with the British boy band invasion.

The Biebs would surely enjoy having a lot of bros to joke around with since he's such a fan of playing pranks on people. He proved that he got along well The Wanted by punching Siva Kanesawaran in a rather sensitive area on the set of "The Voice," and his love of making guys double over would also serve him well with One Direction since Harry Styles apparently loves playing the same painful prank on his pals.

Speaking of Harry, what guy wouldn't want a bromance like that shared by Harry and Louis Tomlinson? The guys are so close that fans have even dubbed them "Larry Stylinson." Justin did at least attempt to start a friendship one of the guys in the band by playing video games with adorable Irishman Niall Horan, and he's admitted that sensitive guy Zayn Malik is his favorite member of 1D. But sadly Jiall Horber or Zastin Biebik hasn't become a thing yet.

And even if the Biebs isn't jealous of the guys' camaraderie, he's got to envy their swoon-worthy British and Irish accents - he did recently try to do an entire interview with a British accent.

Beliebers probably wouldn't complain if Justin was a member of a group like One Direction -- Zayn and Liam Payne recently helped Harry remove his shirt during a concert, and Directioners absolutely loved the assisted striptease.

So what do you think - should Justin be worried about boy bands?

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