Justin Bieber’s Purple Drop Crotch Pants and More of His Fashion Fails

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Justin Bieber has a wacky sense of style

It's no secret that Justin Bieber is a fan of drop crotch pants, but the pint-sized pop star recently rocked the bizarre look in a way that will have some Beliebers believing that the Biebs has lost his mind.

Justin was recently photographed wearing a pair of lavender, leopard-print drop crotch pants that he apparently decided weren't loud enough on their own -- he paired them with hipster glasses, a yellow hat covered with studs, two gold watches (one on each wrist), and a sweatshirt adorned with colorful rolls of money. The overwhelming outfit that probably had Selena Gomez giggling can be seen here.

Lil Swaggy's saggy seat makes it look like he borrowed a pair of Kim Kardashian's pants, or maybe his trousers were designed to accommodate a giant adult diaper.

This isn't the first time the Biebs has committed a major fashion fail. Here's a look back at some of Justin Bieber's worst looks:

A Gas Mask

Justin recently tried to hide his face from the paparazzi by donning a gas mask, but of course his accessory had the opposite effect -- he just ended up getting more attention for covering up his famous mug. Maybe the Biebs is just a doomsday prepper who was taking his gas mask out on a test run.

A Leather Onesie

Last September Justin tried to improve his drop crotch look by donning a leather onesie with a floppy fanny flap for his appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." It looked like the Biebs was trying to do S&M, but the result was downright disturbing.


The Biebs got bashed big time for wearing a pair of overalls to meet Canada's prime minister last November. Justin later explained that he simply didn't have time to change after a meet and greet and that the photo was taken at a hockey arena. However, no pop star should try to bring overalls back -- they need to stay on farmers and back in the '90s where they belong.

Sweatpants Tucked Into Socks

Last January Justin committed a horrible fashion fail that probably had poor Selena Gomez blushing with embarrassment -- he wore a pair of sweatpants with the legs tucked into a pair of colorful printed socks. He completed the look with a furry trapper hat and a bright blue vest that was color-coordinated with his bright blue sneakers. So why did Justin tuck his pants into his socks? Here's a theory -- when he pulled his pants down to rock his usual sag swag, the legs probably drug on the ground. So instead of simply pulling his pants up and sacrificing his saggy look, he stuffed the legs in his socks. How clever is that?

Justin has also admitted to wearing women's jeans, so he obviously isn't afraid of getting ridiculed for his strange style decisions. So do you enjoy seeing his over-the-top looks, or do you think that his fashion choices have gotten too silly?

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