Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake Together in ‘Baywatch?’ Plus the Biebs' Top Beach Babes

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Justin Bieber certainly seems to loves the ocean judging from how much he's photographed there, so would he consider becoming a beach bum in a "Baywatch" movie remake of the TV series?

Jeremy Jackson thinks that the Biebs should play his character Hobie, the on-screen son of David Hasselhoff. He's even offering Justin lifeguarding lessons in exchange for a spin in the Bieber Batmobile.

It's hard to imagine the Biebs wanting to take on the role since Hobie wasn't exactly the star of the show - it's kind of difficult for a young guy to stand out when he's surrounded by babes bouncing around in skimpy bathing suits.

However, it's also hard to imagine a guy complaining about a job like that, and there's another big name currently attached to the "Baywatch" movie - rumor has it that Justin Timberlake might buff up and hit the beach. The Biebs could certainly learn a lot from Timberlake about making the move from music to movies since he seems to be following in the footsteps of the former teen idol.

Unfortunately Timberlake might not want to work with Bieber after a recent radio interview - while talking to Mojo of Mojo in the Morning, the Biebs got extremely offended by being compared to Timberlake. He later hung up on Mojo after British boy band One Direction was brought up. The little tantrum over his competition might be evidence that the Biebs needs a break from music, so perhaps he better apologize to Timberlake so that he can snag a spot in the movie.

The two Justins can't really play father and son because of their ages, so someone else would have to play Hasselhoff's character Mitch. And who better for the job than tough, buff Mark Wahlberg?

The actor formerly known as Marky Mark has made it known that he wants to work with Bieber on a movie, and photos from the set of his new flick "Pain & Gain" show that he definitely has the bod for "Baywatch." However, what the Biebs will really be interested in is which hot stars get cast as female lifeguards.

He might have a few ideas for who he wants cast in the movie. His girlfriend Selena Gomez would be an obvious choice, especially since she practically lived in bikinis for her movie "Spring Breakers." Plus Justin and Selena have shown just how much they adore the sand and sun by spending some quality time together in the sea. However, Selena might not be bootylicious enough for Justin's lifeguard team.

The pop star recently joked about Kanye West stealing his crush Kim Kardashian, and he revealed that he's been in love with Beyonce forever. But of course he's not going to cross "Watch the Throne" tour mates Yeezy and Jay-Z by going after their women. Justin has also admitted that he's a "butt guy" and is particularly fond of Nicki Minaj's badonkadonk.

Kim and Bey would certainly look super sexy in those red "Baywatch" swimsuits, but there's no way Nicki would wear something so basic - hers would have to be bright pink leopard print, and she'd always be losing her cotton candy wig in the water. If these three ladies got cast in the movie, the slo-mo beginning would have to be shot from behind.

So who do you think should star in the "Baywatch" movie?

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