Justin Bieber Gets New Ink Plus Where He's Been and What He's Up To

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Justin Bieber Gets New Ink Plus Where He's Been and What He's Up To

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Justin Bieber got a new tattoo!

It seems as if Justin Bieber has a bit of an addiction to getting tattoos. He recently got even more ink after already having seven tattoos spread across his body. His latest is of an owl seated on a floating branch and there's no word yet as to why he got that specific tattoo. He posted a photo of it on October 28 to his Instagram account. He clearly wanted to show it off before the paparazzi got a look as he tweeted the caption "Befo the paps get me" along with the picture. Other than getting fresh ink, what else has he been up to lately?

Oprah interview

The Biebs sat down with Oprah for an interview on October 24 while he was doing a concert at the All-State Arena in Rosemount, Illinois. Part of the interview was conducted backstage while the legendary interviewer attended his concert. According to a press release, the chat is "one of the most in-depth interviews the singer has ever agreed to do" so we can only image what they're going to talk about. He posted a photo of the pair along with a caption that said "Me and @Oprah swaggin it out." The interview will air November 25 at 9 p.m. on "Oprah's Next Chapter" on the OWN Network.

Biggest fear revelation

While talking to a British magazine, the singer opened up about his biggest fear. Apparently, he's petrified of flying. Considering how often he has to do it, one can only imagine how rough that is. He reportedly said, " I just started to really not like getting on a flight. It scares me. When I get anxiety, my heart drops and starts beating really fast as if it's going to explode…People say you have more chance of getting into a car accident than a plane crash, but they do maybe one flight a year and I'm on planes all the time. And all the time I'm thinking I have no control. If this plane crashed I'm dead. I feel like every time I get on a plane I'm risking my life."

He's not the only celeb with a big fear of flying. Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston and even the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, all claim flying as a huge fear.

Honoring volunteers

Four stars, including Justin, will team up to honor teens who give back. During the TeenNick HALO Awards on November 17, the 18-year-old along with Tyra Banks, Emma Stone and Josh Duhamel, will honor four teens ranging in age from 16 - 19 who give back to their communities. The show was created by TV and radio personality, Nick Cannon. The ceremony, which is also hosted by Cannon, will air on Nickelodeon on November 19.

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