Justin Bieber’s Friends Are To Blame For His Uncharacteristic Behavior


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Justin Bieber’s Friends Are To Blame For His Uncharacteristic  Behavior


After Justin’s brawl with a photographer this weekend led to an alleged criminal battery charge, there are only a few people to blame for his behavior: his friends who have a history of domestic violence like Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.! Shouldn’t Justin know better?

Who doesn’t love Justin Bieber? His squeaky clean persona is a parent’s dream and hanging out with him certainly paints you in a better light. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out people like Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are using Justin’s celebrity to their own advantages. Being his friend would for sure take attention away from their histories of domestic violence. It’s definitely troubling!

We all know the awful things Chris did to Rihanna, as well as the other random acts of violence he’s been involved in, including breaking the window in his dressing room after a Good Morning America appearance last year. (Not the brightest of moves, to say the least.) Then we saw Justin join his new friend Floyd’s entourage in the ring after his big fight May 5. And guess what? Floyd will be in jail as of June 1 for a domestic violence incident that involved hair-pulling, punching and arm-twisting with his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris — while two of their children watched — in Sept. 2010. Pretty classless stuff right there!

Add to that another one of Justin’s good friends, Sean Kingston, who was served with papers in 2010 for allegedly beating a woman at a concert where Sean was the opening act for — wait for it — Justin! I just think that, whether Justin likes it or not, he’s a role model. He’s young, still with a lot to learn, and one of the most important things to learn is how to keep the right company. Having the right friends can build a person’s character. You don’t want your choice of friends to come back to haunt you!

I’m not saying that Justin is suddenly going to become abusive, and that Selena should watch out, but when you hang out with people who aren’t the best influence like Chris and Floyd, certain attributes seem to rub off — this weekend’s incident being the perfect example. We’ve all been young and done stupid things, so hopefully Justin will grow out of these friends.

HollywoodLifers, Do you think some of Justin’s choices of friends are wrong and may have made him feel that it was OK to  allegedly lash out on the photographer this weekekend? Sound off below!

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