Justin Bieber: Four Reasons Why His Cutesy Image is Over

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The Justin Bieber of 2008 is not the same in 2012. From being discovered by Scooter Braun and Usher, to the multi-award winning singer that he is now, the London,Ontario native, who first sang on YouTube, is all grown up. At 18, we've seen a transformation, and there are at least four reasons why the cutesy image is over.

He ditched that haircut

One of the first clues the young singer gave us that he's not so young anymore is when he ditched his bowl cut for something more mature.

He's serious about Selena Gomez

Last year about this time, at 17, the Biebs took his girl, Selena Gomez, on a romantic getaway to Hawaii. If everyone thought their relationship would fizzle soon after the PDA moments hit the gossip pages, they were wrong. The "Boyfriend" singer and his lady love are still going strong.

He allegedly got into a scuffle with a pap

Do innocent little boys get into alleged wrestling matches with the paparazzi? No. But most would say the 18-year-old Justin is no innocent little boy. Reportedly, the photographer tried to snap pics of Justin and Selena together after they exited a theater. The pap even claimed of pain to the chest. Guess Bieb has quite the punch.

He's talking back on Twitter

If you follow the Canadian on Twitter, you'll see that he's talking back to his haters. Except, he doesn't scream or curse. He takes the high road, which packs more of a punch. For example, the mega-pop star recently tweeted, "if you pay too much attention to hate they win...they bring you down. too much love in the world to deal with that nonsense. be positive."

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