Justin Bieber: Five Things He Must Do to Go from Teen Pop Idol to Adult Superstar

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Justin Bieber: Five Things He Must Do to Go from Teen Pop Idol to Adult Superstar

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Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center in West Java, Indonesia.

It's no secret, despite his age, that Justin Bieber's popularity now rivals that of almost any pop star. This fact was made apparent by reports that at one time Bieber's popularity ranking on social media was higher than Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and the Dali Lama. But many teen pop stars over the years have not been able to translate their early success into lifelong fame. So here are five major things that Bieber must do to parallel his early success into adulthood stardom.

Stay Social Media Savvy

Let's face it; Bieber did not get to where he's at because he is the most talented teen singer out there. He did it because he was able to take advantage of such social media outlets as YouTube and Twitter, so part of what Justin needs to do to stay relevant going into adulthood is to keep up with and take advantage of the next innovation in social media. How he does that will most likely be up to the people he surrounds himself with during his career.

Evolve Musically and Theatrically

While where he is at musically currently keeps him on the pop charts, those musicians that have the longest staying power are those that have re-invented themselves over time. Musician's such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon have the ability to go back into the studio and re-tool their sound, while artists like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Madonna have been able to re-shape their image and stage presentation during their career. Like them, Bieber needs to keep adding an air of freshness to his music and his performances.

Avoid Major Run-ins with the Law

While Bieber has been making headlines for such bad boy behavior as smoking pot and mooning the press lately, he needs to steer clear of major run-ins with the law. For every Robert Downey Jr. who can re-invent his career after doing his best to destroy it, there are stars like Mel Gibson and Lindey Lohan who have turned fame into tabloid fodder.

Avoid Marriage

While back and forth relationships with the likes of Selena Gomez or flirtations with Victoria Secret models won't hurt his career, marriage may. Such was the case for 70's teen sensation Donny Osmond, whose early career success came to a temporary halt when he decided to settle down and get married. While Osmond re-invented himself on Broadway and then had a television talk show, his music career never reached the same heights it had before his marriage.

Avoid Reality TV or a Movie Career

While there are major recording stars who can act as well as sing, those who can do both with equal aplomb are few and far between. Even a megastar like Mariah Carey couldn't help but set her career back with a movie like "Glitter (2001)." Sure, she's now doing a stint on "American Idol," but is that where Bieber really hopes to be years from now?

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