Justin Bieber Duets with Usher and More

Justin Bieber Duets with Usher and More

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Justin Bieber is teaming up with his mentor Usher for his new studio album.

Justin Bieber announced this week that he will be recording two duets with his mentor Usher. One song will appear on Usher's new album "Looking for Myself" which drops on June 12 and the other will be on JBieb's LP due out later in 2012.

The teen singer confirmed the news is a Tweet, which read, "Now headed to a COVER SHOOT with big bro @UsherRaymondIV - we got duets on both of our albums coming." But this is not the first time Justin has sidled up to another singer in the recording studio or on stage. Seems like the pop sensation understands there's safety in numbers. Here's a run down of some of JB's other duets.


Bieber and his self-proclaimed big bro have partnered up two times previously. In 2010 Usher sang background vocals on Bieber's version of "Somebody to Love," a song that Usher originally recorded as a demo for his sixth studio album. And in 2011 the pair got together and roasted some chestnuts on an open fire with their rendition of "The Christmas Song" for Bieber's holiday album "Under the Mistletoe."

Mariah Carey

Appearing on that same Christmas album was a duet with Mariah Carey of "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Bieber and Mimi layed down tracks in the studio and made a video of the song that was originally a huge hit for Carey in 1994. Carey and Usher were not the only duets on Bieber's Christmas album either. He also joined up with Boyz II Men, Busta Rhymes and The Band Perry.

Miley Cyrus

Although JBiebs and the ex-"Hannah Montana" star have never collaborated in the studio, she did join him on stage to sing "Overboard" at Madison Square Garden . The performance can be seen in Bieber's doc "Never Say Never." Also joining him on stage and screen that night were Boys II Men, Usher, Sean Kingston and Ludacris.

Stevie Wonder

On the season one finale of "The X Factor" Bieber was joined on stage by the legendary Stevie Wonder for "The Christmas Song." After the performance Wonder told the show's host Steve Jones that Bieber, "reminds me of myself when I was a little boy."

Rascal Flatts

After conquering the pop and R&B worlds, Bieber infiltrated the country scene by asking Rascal Flatts to sing with him on an acoustic version of "That Should Be Me." The single was released on iTunes on Valentine's Day 2011.

Jaden Smith

JB and JSmith have teamed up not once, not twice, but three times. First in the spring of 2010, Jaden added a rap to Justin's version of "Never Say Never" for the "Karate Kid" soundtrack and video. Next up in November of 2011, the duo covered a Frank Ocean song called "Thinking About You." And most recently the teen singers joined forces for "Happy New Year," a tune JBiebs penned to thank his fans for their support.

Watch for Justin Bieber's new LP due out later this year and pick up Usher's CD "Looking for Myself" on June 12.

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