Is Justin Bieber Destined to Be a Bad Boy?

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It's a sad fact that too much money and fame has turned a lot of squeaky clean, or at least normal, teenage music stars into cautionary tales involving drinking, drugs, partying and very public meltdowns. Justin Bieber has so far been an exception, seeming to take the high road on most occasions and aspiring to be a role model to his young fans. With the recent gossip buzz about the pop star's Ferrari fender bender, it leaves us wondering, does one car wreck signal Justin becoming a total train wreck?

5 Bad Signs

1. The 17-year-old was driving a Ferrari. No teen, no matter how rich, should be driving a car like that. He can't handle it, and he doesn't deserve it yet. Small boy in a fast car just spells imminent danger. Especially since he was allegedly street-racing with Everlast at some point. He should heed the lessons from the Fresh Prince himself.

2. The Biebs earned $53 million in 2010. This is what we call "Stupid Money." Having access to that kind of income just makes it too easy to buy a hotel in Amsterdam, questionable friends and a mountain of drugs. As Robin Williams once said: "Cocaine is God's way of saying you make too much money."

3. We can't forget about a 16-year-old reportedly checking in to a hotel with his 18-year-old girlfriend. Living the life of an adult at 16 gives you nothing to look forward to, except trying to do something even more outrageous than the last time. And then you become Charlie Sheen.

4. We're not sure what's up with Bieber's latest look, but it reminds us a little of Robert Downey Jr. in "Soapdish." And as well as RDJ seems to be doing now, we all know he was doing his own tiger blood thing there for awhile.

5. It was scary enough when the Biebs was hanging out with reality star Kim Kardashian, but now he's cheering on Chris Brown. Find another role model, Justin. Please.

The Good News

Most reports about the Biebs' bad behavior are greatly exaggerated. The recent accident was minor, and let's face it, we've all gunned it at the green light to get ahead of the jerk next to us--or to prove we've got the bigger engine. It doesn't mean he was racing for pink slips down the L.A. freeways.

As for the cash flow, so far he's burned money on extravagant gifts for his girlfriend, and a $25,000 necklace. You can still call that stupid money, but it's a lot more harmless than cocaine.

So far the young singer hasn't released a sex tape, shaved off all of his hair, or filed bankruptcy. Instead he donates his efforts to charity, including an upcoming Christmas album, and visits sick children in the hospital.

While there's always plenty to worry about with kids who reach staggering heights of fame and money in a short amount of time, so far Bieber seems to be doing all right, especially by Hollywood standards. He's not ever going to be a normal teenager, and we can only hope that the good influences in his life continue to outweigh the bad ones.

What do you think, Yahoo! omg! readers? Will Justin be able to retain his sanity and good qualities, or is he destined for a bad-boy, hotel-trashing future?

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