Justin Bieber Admits to Drinking Beer: Other Celebrity Underage Drinkers

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Justin Bieber might pride himself on being a squeaky-clean teen star, but it's probably hard to behave when Hollywood is full of so many temptations. So will Beliebers forgive the Biebs for breaking down and having a beer?

Poor Justin must feel really guilty about indulging in the alcoholic beverage, because he confessed his sin during a recent GQ interview by saying, "I mean, I've had a beer, like, before…But I never get out of control."

It's always possible that Justin wasn't breaking any laws - he is 18 now and visits tons of countries all over the world where he's old enough to legally drink, including his home country of Canada. But unfortunately underage drinking is a pretty big problem in young Hollywood, where tons of celebrities find it easy to get their hands on alcohol. Here's a look at a few other underage drinkers that have set a bad example for their young fans:

Josh Hutcherson

The star of "The Hunger Games" might be playing drinking games in real life - last month the 19-year-old was photographed walking out of a grocery store with a bottle of expensive whiskey after allegedly using a fake ID to buy the alcohol. Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that Josh is an underage drinker since he recently argued that 18 should be the legal drinking age in America.

Kristen Stewart

K-Stew apparently shares this sentiment, because she was spotted indulging in a little underage drinking back in 2009. The then-19-year-old was apparently trying to party like a rock star since she was playing rock star Joan Jett - she was captured on camera swigging a beer while she was working on her movie "The Runaways." Hopefully Kristen learned her lesson after that incident - only drink in public when visiting Robert Pattinson in England, where the legal drinking age is 18.

Emma Watson

Emma might also be from England, but she was still too young to drink when she was photographed with a bottle of beer back in 2006. The then-fifteen-year-old was just holding the bottle to her mouth while posing for the camera, so it's possible that she was just playing around and not actually drinking anything. Still, some Harry Potter fans' parents were probably not happy with the example she was setting, so perhaps she should have stuck to sipping on butterbeer.

Miley Cyrus

This Disney star was spotted drinking a beer in Spain when she was just 17. The legal drinking age in the country is technically 18, but Miley lucked out - Spanish authorities questioned about the law stated that teens as young as 16 are allowed to consume certain beverages and that underage drinking is just not a big deal in the country. Miley would later cause a media firestorm by doing something else that ended up being legal - smoking the drug salvia from a bong.

Demi Lovato

Miley's old Disney pal Demi hasn't fared as well with her scandals involving drugs and alcohol. The 19-year-old ended up in rehab back in 2010 and later revealed that nightclub promoters had acted as enablers by giving her alcohol and drugs to make sure that she would return to their clubs and restaurants. Luckily she's now working hard to overcome the problems those promoters contributed to.

Lindsay Lohan

In 2007 this then-20-year-old starlet caused authorities to crack down on Hollywood hotspots serving alcohol to underage celebrities after she crashed her convertible and was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. Unfortunately Demi is evidence that things haven't changed much in Hollywood.

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