Julianne Moore Victim of Jewel Heist: Other Celebs to Have Jewelry Stolen

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Julianne Moore Victim of Jewel Heist: Other Celebs to Have Jewelry Stolen

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Julianne Moore was the victim of a jewelry heist.

Actress Julianne Moore has become the latest celebrity victim of jewelry theft. According to reports, the red-headed star lost more than $127,000 worth of jewelry after her Manhattan home was robbed. A total of 10 items were stolen at some point in the summer, and a police report wasn't filed until October 1. Since the actress was having work done on the home during the summer, catching the crook might not be easy. Her house could have been filled with up to 25 construction workers on any given day because of the renovation project. Celebs have been frequent victims of robbery, including jewel heists. Here are three stars that have been the unfortunate victims of a jewel thief.

Jon Bon Jovi

In 2011, a man committed a string of robberies along the shoreline in New Jersey. Rocker Jon Bon Jovi was among the thief's victims when his home was hit in April of that year. Among other things, the singer lost $100,000 worth of jewelry. Lucky for him, the robber was caught soon after the heist. In September, the guilty man was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the robberies.

Rachel Bilson

In 2009, the actress had a scary situation on her hands when her Los Angeles home was robbed. Rachel lost between $130,000 and $300,000 worth of goods. A lot of that was tied to designer clothes and shoes, but she also lost a sizeable amount of jewelry. To make matters worse, the star lost some special items that were handed down to her by her grandmother. The robbery was later traced to the Bling Ring, a group of area thieves that frequently stole from celeb homes.

Axl Rose

Bon Jovi isn't the only rock star to lose precious jewelry. During a trip to Paris this past summer, the Guns N' Roses singer was relieved of three valuable necklaces after a concert. According to reports, the three items were valued at more than $200,000. Given that, it's no surprise that Axl was reportedly seething with anger after learning of the theft. Soon after the robbery, Axl's possessions were returned to a Paris police station.

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