Was Julianne Moore a Good Choice for Margaret White in the Remake of ‘Carrie’?

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Because Hollywood can never leave a good movie alone, another adaptation of 1978 horror film "Carrie" is set for release in March 2013. But this next version happens to star actress Julianne Moore as the neurotic mother Margaret White. The sultry redhead is known to tackle a variety of roles, and doesn't appear to mind getting her hands dirty to get her point across. But popular film remakes often come under a lot of scrutiny. Can Julianne handle such an iconic character in horror film history?

"They're all gonna laugh at you."

Those who are most familiar with the 70s original have this particular line burned into their brains. Actress Piper Laurie's warbly delivery sent chills down our spines. The "Far From Heaven" actress has tackled a tricky Boston accent, an airy socialite's lilt, amongst other dialects. It's likely she'll be able to mimic that familiar "tremor" of Laurie's speech.

Does she have the look?

The look we're used to is the auburn-haired mother from the 1978 film. However, Margaret's book character actually had black hair that had gone white. This tiny little aspect probably won't have as much an impact as Moore's performance itself. Laurie was around 46 years old when the film was made. Julianne isn't much older. With the right make-up team, she could be a shoo-in.

Getting into Margaret…

To really convince audiences that a remake was a smart idea, the "Blindness" actress will have to enter that blurry territory between religious fanaticism and varying facets of abuse. In short, Margaret White's character is one of the scariest aspects of the film. Moore's proven that she can handle "broken characters" with slight loopiness. But can she really do horror?

Let's examine a few of her films…

In 1997, she played a porn star named Amber Waves who'd lost custody of her son. Her little back story in the hit film "Boogie Nights" was heartbreaking to watch. It was clear that the actress had the troubled soul aspect down pat. But she might need to turn up the distress a notch to get into character for this movie.

In "Savage Grace" (2008) she portrayed socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland, a dysfunctional parent murdered by her son Antony-with whom it is rumored she had an incestuous relationship (a true story). Moore captured the nuances of this meaty role with aplomb. This could be an asset in "Carrie."

Earlier in 2012, she took on Sarah Palin, practically nailing the infamous former politician in HBO's "Game Change." The movie was received well by critics overall, as was Moore's portrayal of the former Governor of Alaska. This role has absolutely nothing to do with the horror genre. Nonetheless, Julianne's ability to project Piper Laurie's level of lunacy on screen weighs heavily on capturing the subtleties of the character.

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