Julia Roberts Vs. Charlize Theron: Who’s the Best Evil Queen?

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the best villain of them all? Actually you just need to choose the best evil queen between Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts, which is a little tougher than it sounds.

The teaser trailers for dueling Snow White movies "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Mirror Mirror" were released just days apart, but there's already been tons of speculation about which movie will end up being better. However, Snow Whites Kristen Stewart and Lilly Collins don't seem to be the stars in either - the actresses really stealing scenes are the evil queens.

But which sexy sorceress is better? Here's a comparison between the two based on what we've seen so far:

Their Outfits

The two evil queens certainly have a very different sense of style. Charlize wears gorgeous flowing gowns in gold and black and a crown with spikes that look like daggers. Her exquisite gothic outfits aren't unlike those worn by many women in medieval movies. However, Julia's are much more over-the-top, colorful, and campy. One scene shows her using a crazy contraption to fit into the corseted wooden frame for one of her gigantic dresses, which all have a very Elizabethan feel to them with neck ruffs and very wide skirts. Her queen is also not afraid of color - in the trailer she dons a mustard-colored gown and a bright red dress with a white feathered piece on the back that resembles a peacock tail. But unfortunately all the embellishments can't save her - less is definitely more here, so Charlize wins this round.

Their Stories

The storyline of Julia Roberts' evil queen character differs greatly from that of the original fairytale - she is actually trying to marry Snow White's young prince (played by Armie Hammer). It's also obvious that she knows who Snow White is based on the movie's trailer, because she and the girl are both shown at the same masquerade party (this probably took place before Snow got kicked out of her kingdom). However, it's hard to tell if Charlize's queen has ever met Snow before based on the "Snow White and the Huntsman" trailer. Julia's new storyline is kind of fun (and very "The Princess Bride"), so she wins this one.

Their Personalities

This is where the evil queens are very different. While Charlize's cold queen resembles an even darker version of the villainess from the Disney movie, Julia's is more like a modern-day Disney villain (think "Tangled"). She appears to have a sense of humor (albeit a snarky and sadistic one) and has even perfected a crazy cackle. Her character definitely seems to be a bigger talker than Charlize's, and her love of bright colors does show that she has a bit of a fun side. However, Charlize wins hands-down here because there's just something about her stoic and sinister sorceress that makes you want to see more.

Their Magic

Both women have magic mirrors that are portrayed in different ways -- it looks like Julia can walk into hers, while Charlize's mirror actually comes out of the wall to stand in front of her as a being wearing a silvery shroud. Charlize's queen has the power to drain the youth and beauty from young girls in order to keep herself looking young, so she's kind of like a beauty vampire. Meanwhile Julia's queen can mix magic potions, but the love potion she gives Armie Hammer backfires when it turns out to be one for puppy love (he actually stars acting like a puppy). She also snaps her fingers and turns her bumbling assistant (Nathan Lane) into a cockroach in the "Mirror Mirror" trailer. But Charlize wins once again because of her queen's awesome ability -- she can turn into a flock of fearsome ravens.

Charlize's sexy and seductive voice also wins her extra points -- Julia's English accent is atrocious.

So are you looking forward to seeing the scarier, gothic "Snow White and the Huntsmans" or the campy, Disney-esque "Mirror Mirror?" Sound off on which queen you prefer in the comments!

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