Julia Roberts Hoping to Adopt Child from India

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After complications surrounding previous pregnancies, Julia Roberts is going for adoption.

As a friend of Julia Roberts told Daily Express, "She has a special affinity with India and has contacts exploring the possibilities." She has also contacted an adoption agency in Bali, where she filmed "Eat, Pray, Love."

Julia Roberts has three children with cameraman Danny Moder. They would love to add another baby to their household and want the baby to come from another culture.

Many leading members of the Hindu faith are thrilled with the adoption news and have offered to guide her through sacraments for the new child.

Daughter of a Baptist and Catholic couple, Julia Roberts is a recent Hindu convert. Now she lives to "chant, pray and celebrate." Julia Roberts says that she has been spoiled with friends and family in this life. In the next life, she wants something quiet and supporting.

Julia Roberts believes that shooting "Eat, Pray, Love" gave her the chance to draw from her life experiences. Still, she insists that her conversion to Hinduism was not because of the movie. She had been interested in Hinduism even before reading the book.

And Julia Roberts doesn't plan on talking extensively about her own faith. "I've realized something my mother told me 22 years ago," she said. "You're an actor, act. Don't talk about politics or religion."

Julia Roberts is just one example of a Christian convert to Hinduism. In the 1960s, George Harrison of The Beatles became increasingly fascinated with Indian culture, sitar music, and eventually, Hinduism. Harrison saw Hinduism as an all-encompassing path to divinity. "Through Hinduism I feel a better person, " he told a reporter. "I just get happier and happier."

Jazz musician Alice Coltrane was another Christian convert to Hinduism. Her husband, John Coltrane, had introduced her to Eastern philosophy and meditation and encouraged her to take up the harp. After his death, Mrs. Coltrane took a vow of celibacy and devoted herself to spirituality, traveling to India to study with spiritual teachers.

Hindu leaders leaders argue that many prominent westerners from Henry David Thoreau to NFL running-back Ricky Williams have drawn influences from the Hindu faith.

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