Joshua Rush Talks About ‘Parental Guidance’

An Exclusive Interview with the 10-Year-Old Actor

Joshua Rush Talks About ‘Parental Guidance’

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Joshua Rush

The family movie "Parental Guidance" opens Christmas Day and stars three heavy hitters - Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei. But right alongside these greats, holding his own, is a 10-year-old actor named Joshua Rush. He started acting at the age of four and has appeared on dozens of TV shows including "Criminal Minds," "Heroes," "Chuck" and "CSI: NY." He has also done voice-over for shows like "Family Guy" and "Gravity Falls."

In "Parental Guidance" he plays the grandson of Crystal and Midler, who come to take care of him when his mother (Tomei) goes out of town. In a recent exclusive interview Rush said, "They do things a little bit, well a lot, different, from than the way our parents do them. That's where a lot of the really fun and crazy stuff that happens on set comes from."

Rush Is 'A Real Ham'

Rush got his start on screen appearing in his mom's corporate videos and caught the bug. He stated, "I was a real ham. From there I really wanted to expand my reach of acting and here I am today."

Where he is today is working alongside the likes of Midler and Crystal. "Billy Crystal was really great to me on the set. I would choose him as my favorite actor just because of his personality and his acting's amazing. He was very grandfatherly to me on the set. We played catch with each other a couple of times on the set, warming up for our scene."

He had equally high praise for Tomei and Midler, stating, "They were all really great. They were all just really nice… They'd sing songs on set. It was such a happy set. We became a family over the three months that we shot."

Rush Can Relate to Turner

Rush plays Turner, a smart kid who loves math, science and baseball. But he also stutters and has obstacles to overcome. Rush noted, "In the movie he comes out of his shell and it's a really great story. It's a movie that everybody's going to love - the parents, the grandparents and, of course, the kids."

Like Turner, Rush is a big fan of math and science. He also related to Turner on another level. Turner is bullied because of his speech impediment and Rush has also been bullied in real life. "In response to the bullying, I developed the Bully Elimination Group and we basically got to bully the bullies. We chased them all around the yard. It was great."

Rush Made Numerous TV Appearances

Leading up to "Parental Guidance" Rush did guest-starring roles on numerous TV shows. Twice he was cast to pay a younger version of a series lead - young Skylar (Zachary Quinto) on "Heroes" and a young Chuck (Zachary Levi) on "Chuck." He said there is a certain consideration he gives to roles like these. "With 'Parental Guidance' I was a little bit more flexible with how the character was. I really like that because it was a brand new character and I could really mold him. But when I'm playing somebody in a flashback, I like to think about who that character is already. And I base the way that I act off of the way that the older actor would act."

With all these roles under his belt he could not pick a favorite part to date, but said "Parental Guidance" was certainly high on the list. "It was such a privilege to work with such amazing actors."

Watch for Rush in upcoming projects "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" and "Escape from Planet Earth" and check local listings for theaters and times to see "Parental Guidance" starting on December 25.

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