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Josh Hartnett hasn't been in a movie in awhile, but test your knowledge on his older flicks!

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Josh Hartnett hasn't been in a movie in awhile, but test your knowledge on his older flicks!

Josh Hartnett recently made headlines when it was revealed that he and actress Amanda Seyfried are an item. Hartnett has had previous relationships with Penelope Cruz and Rihanna.

No stranger to Hollywood, Josh has a long list of credits that include movies with some big name stars. Think you know Josh, then play "Name that Movie with Josh Hartnett."


1. Hartnett made his film debut alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in the seventh entry to this popular horror franchise. It is significant because it seemed to erase the history set up by earlier sequels, bringing the focus back on Curtis' character. Name that movie.

2. In 1998, Hartnett had more high school trouble, this time battling aliens in this Robert Rodriguez directed horror/comedy hybrid. Name that movie.

3. Hartnett took the historical route in 2001, starring in this roundly panned war movie that also featured Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale. Name that movie.

4. In 2001, Hartnett joined the list of movies that placed Shakespeare in high school; however this one took a much sinister tone. Name that movie.

5. Probably one of his better known movies, Hartnett played a young man that decides to give up sex for Lent in this 2002 romantic comedy. Name that movie.

6. In 2003, Hartnett got to star alongside another Hollywood legend when he teamed up with Harrison Ford for this buddy cop comedy. Name that movie.

7. Hartnett starred in two graphic novel adaptations during his career. One was "Sin City." Name the other.


1. "Halloween: H2O"

2. "The Faculty"

3. "Pearl Harbor"

4. "O"

5. "Forty Days and Forty Nights"

6. "Hollywood Homicide"

7. "30 Days of Night"

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