Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Be the Next Batman? Plus 3 Other Stars to Consider for Part

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Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Be the Next Batman? Plus 3 Other Stars to Consider for Part

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Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt be the next Caped Crusader?

In 2015, comic book fans will have a really big film to look forward to -- "Justice League." In the flick, fans will finally see a big screen adaptation of the book that brings Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many other super heroes together to battle evil. We already know that Christian Bale, who played Batman for three Christopher Nolan films, will not be reprising his role. But his co-star in "The Dark Knight Rises," Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is reportedly in consideration to don the mask and cowl next.

Since Nolan is a producer for the film, there may be some truth to the rumors that the "(500) Days Of Summer" star could take over for Bale. But since Gordon-Levitt is already slated to play Robin, based on the teaser at the end of the final Nolan-directed film, "The Dark Knight Rises," it is also just as possible that he would simply reprise his role as the Bat's sidekick. But since the rumor mill is already churning over who's going to play Bruce Wayne and his crime fighting alter-ego, we thought we could offer a few more suggestions for the role of Batman to the casting agents. What do you think of our choices?

Robert Pattinson - At first glance, Pattinson may not seem like the best choice for the role, but his experience performing stunts and fight sequences in the "Twilight" saga films could lend themselves to the Bat, especially if he bulked up a little bit. But it's important not to forget that the other side of the character is Bruce Wayne, the millionaire playboy behind the mask. Robert would make a great Bruce, as he has a quick, dry wit, which is a staple of Wayne's character makeup.

James Franco - He's young, fit and he's an Academy Award nominee. He also happens to be incredibly intelligent, having two Bachelors and three Masters degrees in English and Film from top schools in the country. The character of Batman/Bruce Wayne is one of extremely high-intelligence, so the connection between the Franco and The Dark Knight's intelligence and education would be quite strong.

Channing Tatum - The "Magic Mike" star clearly has the body of someone who has to fight crime in a heavy black rubber suit. He's also got some range as an actor, not just playing beefed-up, muscled brutes. He's also played roles that demand more emotional range, such as this year's romantic drama, "The Vow," which co-starred Rachel McAdams.

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