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‘21 Jump Street’ Finds Jonah Hill Commanding Hollywood

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Jonah Hill before his weight loss.

Jonah Hill, who made his first significant splash as Seth in the comedy "Superbad," can now call himself an Academy Award nominated actor. The star, who changed his physical appearance by losing a significant amount of weight, has been nominated for many awards for his performance as Peter Brand in "Moneyball," opposite Brad Pitt. Hill received a Golden Globe, a SAG and now the Academy Award nomination for Supporting Actor.

Are you a fan of the 28-year-old actor, comedian and screenwriter who stars in "21 Jump Street" with Channing Tatum? Test your knowledge.

True or False

1. On the set of "Money Ball," comedian Hill did what he does best - joke. However, according to Hill, although his co-star Brad Pitt found Hill's jokes funny and they got along, Brad remained serious and composed?

2. Since breaking up with Jordan Klein, the "21 Jump Street" actor has been seen with Dustin Hoffman's daughter.

3. The actor lost a lot of weight since his "Superbad" days. He did it the same way Randy Jackson did it of "American Idol." Hill underwent gastric bypass surgery.

4. The "Allen Gregory" star got into a fight with "Glee"'s Matthew Morrison. On "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Jonah accused Morrison of "bullying" him at an event.

5. The writer of "Allen Gregory" says Allen Gregory is based on his real-life personality.

6. At one time, the Academy Award nominated actor lived in one of Brad Pitt's homes.


1. False - The joking was mutual. For example, Pitt decorated a golf cart, which was used for on-set transport, pink and attached a sign to it that read "I Love Wham!" The cart also blared out the song "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." Reportedly, Hill was extremely embarrassed.

2. True - Hill has been seen with Dustin Hoffman's daughter Ali Hoffman. Reportedly, the two were friends when they were growing up.

3. False - The creator, producer and star of "Allen Gregory" did it the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. He worked with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. "I wish there was some amazing book that had all the world's secrets," said Hill. "But unfortunately, it's just hard work."

4. False - Although it appeared to be a quarrel between the two actors, turns out it was just a hoax. "It's so funny, because it's so a joke. I think it's so funny. I called him out on 'Jimmy Fallon' and pretended to get really angry, like old WWF wrestling-style. I got in the camera's face and stuff," said Hill.

5. False - According to Hill, the character is not a mirror image of him. Says the actor, known for his humor and humility, "Allen Gregory is like the most arrogant kid to walk the face of the earth."

6. True - While filming "21 Jump Street," the fit-and-trim actor lived in Pitt's New Orleans home rent free. This disappointed tourist, said Hill. "I would go home every day from work and there'd be a tour outside and they'd be freaking out, and then I'd get out of the car, and you could hear a collective audible sigh of annoyance when it wasn't Brad Pitt!"

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