Johnny Depp Pursued by Eva Green in ‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer: Other 2012 Vampire Movies

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The latest Tim Burton creation features Johnny Depp in "Dark Shadows."

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The latest Tim Burton creation features Johnny Depp in "Dark Shadows."

The trailer for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" has finally hit the web, and it looks like some fans of the original soap opera might be a little disappointed - Johnny Depp certainly looks the part of vampire Barnabas Collins, but the creepy, unintentionally campy tone of the TV series has been replaced by gothic comedy.

The movie looks a bit like "Dracula" meets "The Addams family" meets "Austin Powers In Goldmember" - Johnny's character gets cursed by a witch (Eva Green) in the 1700's, only to be resurrected two centuries later in the 1970s. The trailer starts out all gothic and dramatic, but suddenly it turns into your typical time-travel comedy - how many times will movies use the tired old trope that involves someone from the past dubbing a television set a "magic box" or some sort of "sorcery?"

At least the vampire movie seems to be the exact opposite of "Twilight" - it's a comedy about a woman who relentlessly pursues a vampire, but she's not a weakling worried about his well-being - she's a witch responsible for turning him into a vampire (and she doesn't mind destroying him if he turns down her advances). Eva's sexy, sinister sorceress looks amazing in a sparkly, Jessica Rabbit-esque dress, so she might manage to steal Johnny's thunder in the highly-anticipated vampire flick that hits theaters on May 11.

But fortunately for those who refuse to give this comedic revamping of "Dark Shadows" a chance, there are some other movies about vampires coming out in 2012.

The ladies might want to check out "Vamps" - it kind of sounds like "Sex and the City" with vampires. Alicia Silverstone re-teams with "Clueless" director Amy Heckerling to play a modern Manhattan bloodsucker alongside Krysten Ritter and Sigourney Weaver. The gals enjoy living it up as vampy vixens, but of course love has to come along and ruin their fun.

Female vampires will also be featured in the Neil Jordan movie "Byzantium," which stars Gemma Arteron and Saoirse Ronan as mother and daughter vampires who pose as sisters and settle down in a small seaside town. It turns out that they're trying to hide from their own kind, so this one sounds like a drama/thriller.

For a family-friendly film featuring vampires, "Hotel Transylvania" looks pretty promising. Selena Gomez replaced Miley Cyrus as the voice of Dracula's daughter Mavis in the animated movie featuring many classic movie monsters. Things get a little complicated for Mavis when a human visitor falls for her after discovering the monster hotel of her famed, fanged father.

Guys might enjoy action-packed "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" - everyone's favorite stovepipe-wearing president (Benjamin Walker) is re-imagined as a man on a mission to kill the bloodsuckers that murdered his mother. The trailer shows Honest Abe defeating the undead with an axe.

Then of course there's "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" - Twihards can look forward to finally seeing Kristen Stewart's character Bella transform into a silver-faced vamp (she almost looks as pretty as Robert Pattinson).

So do you think "Dark Shadows" looks good, or are you dying to see one of the other vampire movies coming out this year?

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