Is John Mayer About to Propose to Katy Perry? Why it May Be a Good Idea

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Rumor has it that John Mayer is planning on making an honest woman of gal pal, Katy Perry. While this is certainly one of those rumors that one should probably take with a grain of salt, you've got to admit that John Mayer's first trip down the aisle could create enough tabloid mayhem to upstage KimYe. The pair just enjoyed a cozy spa weekend together. (And you know what happens when popular celebs start weekending it on the regular.) Details may be sketchy on John's matrimonial intentions; but we can admit that the prospect sounds like a good one. Here's why…

He's 35.

John definitely isn't old, but he is at a reasonable age when many men start thinking about settling down and having children. Some believe that Katy is already giving motherhood serious consideration. Her apparent desire to "nest" just might work out nicely if Mayer happens to be on the same page.

He needs to clear his conscience.

As one of Hollywood's notorious heartbreakers, the "Battle Studies" singer has a reputation for dating (and dumping) some of the industry's hottest names. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Simpson all suffered publicly at the hands of Mayer. And although each of these women has had some unpleasant dating labels attached to their famous names, it's likely that John has a little residual guilt for the way things went down. By proposing to Katy, he's making a conscious decision to finally put his wayward romance techniques behind him.

Katy's "independent."

That leads us to this point. Sources close to the couple imply that the two are a good match particularly because of Perry's independence: "John really likes the fact that Katy is so independent and not needy or clingy like the other girls he's dated," one says. The "Part of Me" singer has a monster pop career to hold down, as well as a whimsical personality. She's also considered the one who "tamed Russell Brand," so it's possible that she stands up to Mayer more than the others. They've been going strong for months, even spending the holidays with her very traditional, religious family. It's hard to tell whether or not a proposal is on the horizon. But perhaps in this case, no news is good news.

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