John Mayer Dating Katy Perry? 3 Reasons This is a Terrible Idea

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Katy Perry Hides Under Table to Avoid Russell Brand! When Stars Run into Exes

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Katy Perry

Both Katy Perry and John Mayer are free, single and ready to mingle. Could they be a match made in Hollywood heaven?

Katy has had a tough go of it recently. Since her marriage to funnyman Russell Brand crumbled, she has been trying to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, John has recently emerged back onto the world stage. The "Shadow Days" singer took time to heal after a slew of bad press left him a general persona non grata.

Now, Katy and John have been spotted out and about in Cali. The mega stars were having dinner at Hollywood's notorious Chateau Marmont. This is not a quiet hidden gem to have a private meal. The historical Marmont is a certified hot spot with tons of history. This is a place to be seen.

Perry and Mayer together definitely have tongues wagging. Whether they are a real couple or a fling remains to be seen. A fling might be good for Katy now. However, a relationship with Mayer could be a nightmare. One thing's for sure, if they dated and broke up there would be a wealth of material for each of them. Here are three reasons why this love affair is a don't!


Katy is a peppy pop rock chick with a religious background. John is an acoustic rock guy with a bad boy streak. These two seem flat out incompatible in life and music. Can you imagine the album they might make together? We love them individually but together we would expect more nails on a chalkboard than Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Kissing and Telling

A good relationship thrives with a healthy amount of privacy for intimacy to grow. Mayer has a terrible track record in this area. He is Mr. Kiss and Tell himself. Mayer has blabbed about several of his exes, including "sexual napalm" Jessica Simpson and his longtime love Jennifer Aniston. Let's not even get into the Taylor Swift episode.

The Eternal Playboy

The best predictor of past behavior is future behavior. People don't change drastically unless they have a reason to. Mayer is known as one of Hollywood's biggest players. Katy is just coming out of the heartbreak of a lifetime. She could be extremely vulnerable. The last thing she needs is to have her heart broken again by a serial jerk.

So, what do you think? Are Perry and Mayer a mismatch made in music heaven?

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