Joe Jonas vs. Simon Cowell - Should They Have Kept Their Mouths Shut?

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Joe Jonas vs. Simon Cowell - Should They Have Kept Their Mouths Shut?

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Joe Jonas

Over the weekend, Joe Jonas and Simon Cowell both made comments that could possibly have come across as insensitive.

What They Said

On Friday, the Jonas brother dissed his ex-girlfriend, and made jokes about dumping her. In an interview with E!'s "Fashion Police," Joan Rivers pointed out that he was the one who had dumped her. His response? "I think it's me and a few others, but yeah."

When Joan pointed out that they had broken up over telephone and that she had written 3 songs about it, Kevin Jonas chimed in, joking, "we still haven't seen the royalty check. It's weird."

Meanwhile, despite feeling very "paternal" since learning that he was about to become a father, the "X Factor" mogul seems to be sending a mixed message about what kind of dad he'll be. In an interview with E! News, he commented that while he looked forward to taking his child to Disneyland, he could never change diapers.

Why They've Should Have Kept Their Mouths Shut

I'm thinking that someone should have pulled a Kanye and interrupted them before they ran their mouths. These guys seem to have talked themselves into a hole.

It seems unnecessary for Joe to be taking digs at Taylor after all these years. Maybe she shouldn't have told the world about their 27-second breakup. But if he's still holding a grudge about stuff that happened five years ago, then it makes him look kind of immature.

As for Simon, I get it--nobody actually likes changing diapers. But it's his kid. Why does he get to pick and choose which parts of parenting appeal to him? When the baby comes, is he just going to leave all the hard stuff to the mom and to the nannies?

When we see a guy like Prince William who really pulls his weight as a new dad, it makes Simon's comments seem a bit sexist in comparison.

Whose Comments Were Worse?

It's a close one, but I'm going with Joe, mostly because his comments were more personal and really hit below the belt. It's one thing for comediennes like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to roast Taylor at the Golden Globes. It's quite another for her ex to still be "dumping and telling" five years later.

Were their comments really that bad? Or were they just harmlessly joking around? Should Joe still be taking digs at Taylor? Should Simon step it up and share in the diaper-changing duties?

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