JJ Abrams Says No 'Star Wars' in His Future - 3 Directors Who Should Jump at the Chance

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JJ Abrams Says No 'Star Wars' in His Future - 3 Directors Who Should Jump at the Chance

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JJ Abrams has taken himself out of the running to direct the new "Star Wars" film.

Fans of "Star Trek" know director JJ Abrams can be trusted with a sacred franchise. There was a lot of apprehension and worry surrounding Abrams' 2009 reboot of one of the most beloved sci-fi films in pop culture history. All that worry turned out to be unwarranted though, as JJ delivered a blockbuster hit that made just about every fan of the franchise pleased. But don't expect Abrams to do the same for "Star Wars" now that Disney has acquired the rights to that cinematic empire though.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Abrams told the online publication that while he's very excited to see " the next iterations of "Star Wars," he insisted that he'll "be going as a paying moviegoer!" So with Abrams out, the speculation can continue on who will get the coveted and perhaps pressure-packed job of directing the first Disney owned "Star Wars" film? We have three suggestions to offer up, what do you think of them? Drop a comment on us and let us know!

Joss Whedon - He's got "Avengers 2" to worry about, we know, but maybe for a chance to step behind the wheel of one of the biggest franchises in movie history Whedon would take on double duty. He's proven with the first "Avengers" film that he knows how to combine special effects and great acting performances, two things that put the first "Star Wars" trilogy on the map. The scenes between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark showed that he can also easily deliver great cinema without all the frills and chills that computer graphics can provide.

Guillermo del Toro - The man who brought us the visually stunning films "Pan's Labyrinth" and the "Hell Boy" films would make a great choice to usher Han, Luke, Leia and Chewbacca into the new century. Guillermo also doesn't have anything firm slated after 2014, so it would seem he might have some time on his hands. With his signature style, the story and tone might take a dark tone, but considering the best film in the original franchise, "The Empire Strikes Back," is incredibly dark in tone, that's not a bad thing at all in our estimation.

Peter Jackson - This choice might really be a pipe dream. Jackson is hard at work on his latest film series adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's work, this time from "The Hobbit." But there's just something alluring about seeing Jackson's stamp on the "Star Wars" story that we can't shake. He's got a thing for creating truly beautiful cinema, and the scope of his projects always seems to be as wide as any film ever created. Imagine the fun his effects crew, Weta, would have playing with the geniuses at Industrial Light and Magic, George Lucas' effects team.

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