Jimmy Kimmel Dresses Up as Don Draper, Kisses Up to Oprah and Kisses Bachelor Life Goodbye

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Jimmy Kimmel Dresses Up as Don Draper, Kisses Up to Oprah and Kisses Bachelor Life Goodbye

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Jimmy Kimmel

Is Jimmy Kimmel the new Don Draper on "Mad Men?"


Though it may look like the popular AMC show did a mid-series cast change (remember the old and new Darrins on "Bewitched?"), TV Guide was just having fun when it disguised the late night talk host on its cover as one of TVs most suave and sexy characters.

In addition to the retro Ken doll, the host of this year's Primetime Emmy Awards dressed up for the weekly television magazine as characters from "Breaking Bad," "Downton Abbey," "Game of Thrones," "Homeland" and "Boardwalk Empire" -- all six of which TV shows have been nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

Modeling for magazine covers and hosting the Emmys on Sept. 23 are just the latest reasons why Kimmel understandably called 2012 "a good year" in a video interview with TV Guide.

"There's nothing left; I achieved it all," he said, only half joking. "I got engaged this year, I roasted the president, the Emmy Awards are coming up."

The only thing missing for the former "The Man Show" host is an honorary doctorate, an unearned piece of parchment which he hopes a university will offer him so he can act more pompous. Confides Kimmel, "My fiancé is very annoyed by this plan because I would force her to call me doctor and I would make all dinner reservations as Dr. Kimmel."

But the college drop-out hardly needs a doctorate to act full of himself. In January, he will be going head to head with both Jay Leno and David Letterman when ABC moves his talk show slot to 11:35 to directly compete with the late night heavyweights.

In his TV Guide interview, the proud father of two pretended to be nonchalant about the new time slot. Asked "What will be new" he replied, "Nothing. We don't have any plans to improve."

Being recognized as "King of Late Night," however, has to be a highly coveted prize for Kimmel as it has been for every other comedian -- from Johnny Carson to Conan O'Brien -- who has ever vied for the title.

But it could be another new title -- husband -- that has the self-acknowledged narcoleptic more concerned. His first marriage to the former Gina Maddy wound up in divorce, and he placed part of the blame on Oprah Winfrey. "I was a disgruntled husband and I would come home from work and my wife had seen Oprah and she would yell at me for something I didn't even do, and I would go, 'Who is this Oprah and why is she ruining my marriage, why is she doing this to me?'"

After the break-up of his five-year relationship with comedian Sarah Silverman, Kimmel became engaged last month to Molly McNearney, a writer on his TV show, who is not only funny, says Kimmel, but "seems to like me." The Brooklyn native asked for her hand in marriage on a vacation in South Africa.

As for Oprah, Kimmel has morphed from critic (he used to call "The Man Show" the "anti-Oprah") to fan. After the chat queen appeared on his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" post-Oscar show this year, he finally understood her appeal. "She's really just a person who lights the whole building up," Kimmel said. "It kind of amazes me."

Oprah's latest groupie couldn't stop raving about the cable network CEO. "I know I sound like Julia Roberts and John Travolta speaking on her birthday show. But I get it now. I used to think they were being phony, but I feel the same way now. It's hard to describe, and I know most people who were fans of 'The Man Show' will probably be horrified to hear this, but honestly, Oprah is an inspiring person."

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