Jim Carrey Vs. Kathy Griffin: Whose Declaration of Love was Better?

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Jim Carrey professes his love.

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Jim Carrey professes his love.

This week, Jim Carrey and Kathy Griffin offered some hilariously inappropriate declarations of love.

Andrew Garfield had better watch his back because Carrey has his eye on Emma Stone. Meanwhile, move over Levi Johnston! Griffin is crushing on a new pretty boy, Justin Bieber.

As Carrey tells Stone, "if I were a lot younger, I'd marry you." Meanwhile, Griffin tells Bieber, "it's messy, Justin...we'd go steady."

Whose video was funnier? Whose declaration of love was better?


Given that Carrey's video came out first, he gets points for originality. However, Griffin effectively spoofs Carrey and takes it up a notch. In his video, Jim tells Emma that she's smart and kindhearted. Meanwhile, Kathy starts to tell Justin that he's smart and kindhearted, but she backpedals. "That's kind of an assumption, er...you seem nice."

In his video, the funny man comments that he had gray hairs in his beard. The comedienne remarks that she has gray hairs in her beard (and on her butt).


Both videos are laugh-out funny, but Carrey really amps up the creepy stalker dimension with looming pauses and obsessively scary eyes.


Kathy seems to go a little further in the TMI department. Now we know that it takes Jim longer to pee than it used to. Meanwhile Kathy goes into a discussion about her "naughty parts" and how she probably only has one egg left. Eek!

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