Jessica Simpson: Pregnancy Rumors Fueled by Star's Love for Holding Babies

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Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson loves babies, and she has made it abundantly clear that she has a strong desire to have children. Pregnancy rumors have surrounded the pop-star for nearly as long as she's been in the spotlight, and if she'd hoped to quell those rumors anytime soon, posing with so many fan's babies certainly had the opposite affect.

Though Simpson will not confirm or deny pregnancy rumors, a source stated that the star took ten pregnancy tests, all coming back positive, before confirming the pregnancy with her doctor on September 19.

Last week, it was rumored that singer turned fashion designer and her fiance, Eric Johnson, had postponed their wedding because their relationship was falling apart, but another source said that couple is "very happy." The possibility that she wanted to delay the nuptials until she delivers the baby and returns to pre-pregnancy size seems to be more likely.

Simpson initially said she was trying to lose weight before the big day, and even considered breast reduction surgery, but that option was quickly extinguished. Simpson said it was because she "loves her boobies," but perhaps the real reason was that she learned she was with child?

Is Simpson preparing for motherhood, or is this more false innuendo in a long line of many?

In 2008, The National Enquirer went as far as saying that Simpson was "desperate" to have a baby with her boyfriend at the time, NFL quarterback, Tony Romo. They reported that she'd taken a positive pregnancy test and had even informed Romo's family of the impending birth. Whether Simpson mistakenly thought she was pregnant, or the entire situation was a made-up story, is unknown, but she obviously never delivered a Romo baby.

Shortly after the incident, Simpson performed in Vegas wearing skin tight jeans, temporarily squelching the 2008 rumor.

In 2009, some believed that Simpson's weight gain was really because she was with child, but as it turned out, the star had just put on some pounds. At the end of 2010, Simpson put the rampant pregnancy rumors to rest by downing margarita and tequila shots with her fiance' in New York City.

What will it be this time, a bouncing baby for Simpson and Johnson, or more fanciful scuttlebutt?

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