Jessica Simpson and Kim Zolciak Have Identical Love Lives

Or Do They?

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Jessica Simpson and Kim Zolciak Have Identical Love Lives

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Kim Zolciak, Jessica Simpson

As Jessica Simpson makes the rounds with tidbits of pregnancy news, we're suddenly reminded of another popular blonde whose love life is eerily similar: Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak. In Hollywood, flukes seem commonplace. But the circumstances surrounding the love lives of these reality stars are simply too coincidental not to mention:

Both women are involved with football players.

Kim's fairytale ending included a hunky NFL football player. Kroy Biermann, a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, came along after a failed marriage, two children, and a scandalous affair with a married man. Jessica, who also has a divorce under her belt, has a slightly different story. Her NFL boo Eric Johnson is no longer playing. To boot, her growing family is a lot "newer" than Kim's.

Both women started their footballer romances around May 2010.

Sheer coincidence dictates that both Zolciak and Simpson began their romances around the same time. There's no real significance here. But considering that we're just entering 2013, you could say that these women don't waste any time jump starting family life.

Both women gave birth to their first (Kim's third) babies before marriage.

Another thing to note is that both women gave birth before marrying their prospective mates. This seems like the norm these days. Yet again, the obvious difference here is that the "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" singer managed to get married and Jessica still can't seem to make it down the aisle, presumably because she keeps getting pregnant.

Both women's previous babies were around the same age when the next was conceived.

Simpson and her reality star counterpart must be on similar "love schedules" both women conceived their next children when the previous babies were around the same age - give or take a month or so. Kim's baby bump was roughly four months old when she made her announcement. Jessica's daughter Maxwell was seven months old when the "Dukes of Hazzard" actress sprang her news. Another random tidbit? Kim and Jess both had their previous babies in May: Kroy Jr.'s birthday is May 31, while Baby Maxwell's is the first of May. (Freaky, huh?)

Not so similar after all…

They've definitely got a lot in common, including the amount of press their personal lives receive in the tabloids-albeit for different reasons, entirely. The RHOA star can't seem to dodge rumors that she's not exactly living off the fat of the land; Jessica is merely trying to keep the fat from landing on her. It doesn't matter whether we're sizing up Simpson's multimillion Weight Watchers deal, or sizing up Zolciak's finances; both women appear blissfully in love.

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