Jessica Biel Wears Justin Necklace - Other Celeb Love Tributes

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Talk about bling!

Jessica Biel is definitely a woman in love. The actress has been spotted sporting a gold "Justin" necklace-- and we're thinking it's not Bieber. Biel wore her "Justin" nameplate recently while in L.A., perhaps to keep her fiancé Justin Timberlake close to her heart while he's in Puerto Rico shooting the film "Runner Runner." You can check out the sparkling necklace here.

But the future Mrs. Timberlake isn't the first celeb to don an accessory that doubles as a love tribute. Check out these other celebs who've proclaimed their love in fashionable ways.


The proud mama wears a "Blue" necklace in honor of her infant daughter, Blue Ivy. But the sweet nameplate necklace isn't Beyonce's only "blue" accessory. According to People, in recent months the pop star has been spotted with blue polished nails, blue dresses and blue jewelry.

Kelsey Grammer

It must be love! Actor Kelsey Grammer stopped by a Chicago-area tattoo parlor to get a hip addition to his hip. The actor got his wife Kayte's name inked on his hip and, according to TMZ, it was the 57-year-old's first tattoo.

Willow Smith

Talk about a daddy's girl! The "Whip My Hair" singer has been spotted wearing several T-shirts featuring her dad's famous face. One T-shirt reads "Fresh," her papa Will Smith's moniker from his old school rap days, and another is a full-fledged "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" tee.

Pamela Anderson

Her marriage to rocker Tommy Lee didn't last, but they still have the memories-- and the sex tape. One more almost-permanent reminder? According to Entertainment Weekly, in lieu of a wedding ring Pam had Tommy's name tattooed on her left ring finger. But after their split she had her tat changed to the word "Mommy."

Johnny Depp

Aw, young love! Many moons ago, Johnny Depp had the words "Winona Forever" inked on his bicep, in tribute to then-love Winona Ryder. After the couple split, Depp cleverly got it lasered to say "Wino Forever." Depp also sports tats with the names of his kids, Lily-Rose and Jack.

Nick Cannon

She's got his back! Pop singer Mariah Carey's name is emblazoned across hubby Nick Cannon's back via a huge tattoo that covers a lot of skin. But the "America's Got Talent" host isn't the only one in that relationship with some ink. Turns out Mariah has the name "Mrs. Cannon" tattooed on her back-- and she got the tat before they were even married. Nothing like some hot ink to ensure you don't get cold feet!

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