Jessica Biel Talks About Trouble on '7th Heaven' Set: Stars that Were Difficult to Work With

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Jessica Biel has opened up about her wild child youth.

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Jessica Biel has opened up about her wild child youth.

Recently engaged actress Jessica Biel seems like a perfectly wholesome young woman. However, she admits to something of a wild youth in a recent magazine interview. The future wife of Justin Timberlake described a series of incidents during her run on the wholesome family show "7th Heaven." She mentioned about having to apologize to producer Aaron Spelling for a series of incidents, including cutting her hair short and taking part in a questionable photo shoot. While it may seem mildly scandalous, it hardly puts the actress in a group of other stars that were difficult to work with. Here is a look at some celebrities that earned a bad reputation among their co-stars.

Val Kilmer

The actor has earned a stellar reputation for his ability to channel several famous people on screen. Among his famous portrayals of real people are roles as Jim Morrison and John Holmes. However, the actor doesn't have the best reputation in terms of being pleasant on movie sets. Director John Frankenheimer famously vowed to never work with the actor again after they filmed "The Island of Dr. Moreau" together. Several others have complained about working with the actor over the years.

Christian Bale

Maybe there is a trend of actors that play Batman being difficult. As talented as "The Dark Knight" star is, he has a reputation for having a very short fuse. The most famous incident involves his tirade after a scene was interrupted while filming "Terminator: Salvation." The audio recording of the incident made the rounds and became a huge internet sensation. Still, his antics on the set haven't prevented the actor from landing quality work with stellar actors.

Marlon Brando

The late actor is almost as famous for his strange behavior as he is for his stellar talent. He famously refused to read scripts. While filming "Superman" he requested that his lines be displayed off camera so that he wouldn't have to memorize them. His antics on the set of "Apocalypse Now" are also highlighted in a documentary about the movie. To be fair, the actor seemed to be just as eccentric when the cameras weren't rolling. He refused his Oscar for the "The Godfather" and boycotted the ceremony in the name of Native American imagery in Hollywood.

Shannen Doherty

The actress is apparently so difficult to work with that she was canned from two shows. According to reports, frequent clashes with co-stars and producers led to her leaving "Beverly Hills 90210." Years later, she left "Charmed" early in its run after an apparent feud with co-star Alyssa Milano. Whatever the real stories are, it is safe to assume that Doherty doesn't have the best reputation among her peers.

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