Jesse James: Cheating Not that Uncommon

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Jesse James, "American Outlaw" author, ex-husband of actress Sandra Bullock and serial cheater, has recovered to some extent from the backlash of his terrible decisions. He's out on the media circuit promoting his memoir, says he is happier than he's ever been in his life, and is engaged to be married to girlfriend, Kat Von D. James says, "I never shied away from anything I did. I took full responsibility," but then immediately minimizes his actions by adding that millions of men cheat on their wives.

News of James' infidelities hit the presses right after the Academy Awards in March of 2010, where his wife had just won the Best Actress Oscar for "The Blind Side." It came right on the heels of the ongoing Tiger Woods scandal that began in November of 2009 and seemed like it was never going to die down. Indeed, in the interim, Bullock even commented on the Woods story in the press, saying Elin Nordegren should have come down harder on Tiger for cheating with numerous women, blissfully unaware that she would soon find herself in the same boat. Woods and James were both crucified in the press for their multiple indiscretions.

Their names are synonymous with serial cheater, but sometimes, you just fall in love with someone else.

Music producer, Swizz Beatz (real name; Kaseem Dean) was already married to Mashonda when he began an affair with songbird, Alicia Keys, in 2008 which they kept secret. Despite asking her husband to come clean, Mashonda found out for sure on her own right before her son's 2nd birthday. She reached out to Keys in an open letter to back off until after her divorce was final. That didn't exactly happen. Beatz and Keys announced their engagement a couple of weeks after the divorce was final on May 7, 2010. A week later, they also announced they were expecting a child (her first, his fourth). The couple have since married. Their son, Egypt, was born on October 14, 2010.

And the pattern is hardly limited to men.

LeAnn Rimes could not wait to get a divorce from her husband, Dean Sheremet, before taking up with new love, Eddie Cibrian. He was married, too, so the same could be said of him, but somehow the brunt of the blame fell upon LeAnn. She was perceived as a member of the most despised member of the female species: the homewrecker. Even when she admitted that her actions were selfish in a Shape Magazine interview, the backlash was so bad, the magazine's editor felt she had to apologize to those who were offended at seeing a "husband-stealer" on the cover. LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian later married on April 22nd.

Other females celebrities who have lived through homewrecker scandals range all the way back to Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor to Angelina Jolie and Fantasia Barrino.

Jesse James acknowledged that he was aware throughout his marriage with Sandra Bullock that any negative behavior on his part could cause a big scandal. That knowledge just wasn't enough to motivate him to end his marriage in an honorable way. And he's right that he's far from the only married person in the world to cheat, but that still doesn't make it right.

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