Jesse Eisenberg is Hollywood's Most Unassuming Actor

He's More Famous Than Michael Cera

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Jesse Eisenberg

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Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg, the 27-year-old Jewish actor, born in Queens, New York, who bears some resemblance to actor Michael Cera of "Superbad," gives an Oscar-worthy performance as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network." Eisenberg has risen to the top of the food chain in Hollywood, after such movies as "Adventureland" and "Zombieland," but you wonder if he cares.

Perhaps because in every movie that Eisenberg has appeared he plays, as AskMen notes, "the lovable, harmless geek." (Although in "The Social Network," Eisenberg plays a character that is certainly a geek, but isn't exactly lovable or harmless.) And perhaps because Eisenberg is not one for the Hollywood social scene. "In his spare time, instead of chasing groupies, Eisenberg writes plays," reports AskMen.

Jesse Eisenberg is that refreshing actor whose number one goal is not to attend every Hollywood party that's out there. "I don't have so many friends who are actors," says Eisenberg.

In real life, Eisenberg is known as being nice and polite. "After seeing 'The Social Network' I felt like I was sitting with the nice guy version of Mark Zuckerberg," says Eric Vespe after interviewing Eisenberg. Jesse has never met the real Zuckerberg and doesn't have a Facebook account, but says, "I imagine if I wasn't in a public position, I'd probably be on it every day as well."

Is it the real Mark Zuckerberg, the founder turned billionaire of the most popular social networking site, who we see on the screen? "The Social Network"tells a story of betrayal, sex, greed, acceptance and obsession. It is not a true and accurate account of Facebook's history nor does it claim to be. Whether you choose to believe Mark Zuckerberg's take on the story or acclaimed screenwriters Aaron Sorkin and Ben Mezrich's take is up to you," writes Tappan Parker of the Daily Collegian.

Fact or fiction, "The Social Network" is one of the best movies of the year with stellar performances by not only Jesse Eisenberg, but also Justin Timberlake, who plays Napster co-founder Sean Parker and Andrew Garfield who plays Eduardo Saverin. Expect to see Oscar nods for Jesse Eisenberg and then we will see if hiding out among the skyscrapers of New York is still more appealing to Eisenberg than the sunshine, palm trees and sexy women of LA is to numerous others.

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