'Jersey Shore' Special to Benefit Hurricane Sandy: What Some of the Stars Have Done so Far

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'Jersey Shore' Special to Benefit Hurricane Sandy: What Some of the Stars Have Done so Far

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Snooki has been busy helping out her shore crew this week after Hurricane Sandy.

In the years since "Jersey Shore" began, it's been pretty easy to make fun of the cast. After all, the series revolves around a bunch of young people that get drunk, have arguments, and say funny things. However, if you're going to criticize the stars for being overexposed, it's only fair to give them props for the way they are handling Hurricane Sandy. In the week since the storm demolished the show's Seaside Heights home, the "Jersey Shore" gang has taken the time to call attention to the disaster. The episode that aired on November 1 opened with a message from Vinny Guadagnino, and MTV has announced that the whole gang will gather for a fundraising special to air on November 15. It's nice to see the stars give back to the shore town that made them famous, and perhaps it will give them a much-needed image boost as a bonus. Here is a look at some of the "Jersey Shore" stars that have already stepped up to help in the relief effort.


Vinny has been the most outspoken member of the "Jersey Shore" cast regarding Hurricane Sandy. Since he hails from Staten Island, the storm proved to be a double-whammy for him. "New Jersey, and especially Seaside, is just destroyed," he said in a post on the MTV website. "I've never had anything like this happen to me." In addition to his words, Vinny has also taken action by helping clean up areas near his Staten Island home.


New mom Snooki is also taking time to give back to the shore town that changed her life. She has been assisting in various cleaning efforts, and she's also used Twitter to encourage people to help out. To set the right example, Snooki is putting her money where her mouth is by giving away some of her own stuff. She recently tweeted, "Cleaning my closet today to donate clothes and whatever I can do the victims affected by sandy! I'm comin with clothes!!!!"


Snooki's BFF was out west when the storm hit, but that didn't stop her from sharing her views. "Holding back my tears to finish out my day here in la but my thoughts are with my shore family and everyone there helping," she tweeted after the storm hit. After heading back east, JWoww and new fiancée Roger Matthews began doing their part by helping clean up certain areas. Like Snooki and Vinny, JWoww has used Twitter to encourage others to help in any way they can.

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