Jenny McCarthy: Two New TV Shows to Go with Her Playboy Mag Comeback!

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Jenny McCarthy is back on the small screen with a new dating show, a new talk show and a new Playboy Magazine spread. It's time to party like it's 1995. The gorgeous blonde is almost 40 and beyond fabulous.

McCarthy has always been the queen of reinvention. The buxom star came to the forefront in the 90s with the lighthearted MTV dating series, "Singled Out." Her reputation at the time was that of a wild and fun party girl in a bikini.

Jenny then became an unlikely but outspoken autism activist and advocate after giving birth to her son, Evan. Evan is now 9-years-old. She writes about mothering her son in her controversial book, "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism."

The former "Playmate of the Year" also had a long term relationship with actor Jim Carrey. For a time, the actor took on a co-parenting role for Evan. His 24-year-old daughter, Jane Carrey, was a recent contestant on "American Idol."

So, what's Jenny up to now?


While most Hollywood starlets will deny through their unmoving faces that they use Botox, Jenny is upfront. There is no shame in her game. She explains, "I tell everyone." McCarthy goes on to say, "I get Botox in my forehead... I just have my doctor do a little shot." JM has never been one to shy away from a hot topic.

"Love in the Wild."

Jen is the new host of summer fun series, "Love in the Wild" on NBC. However, her new dating show is no "Singled Out" clone. Good-looking, coupled up singles will compete for love. Jenny insists that she kept a hands-off approach with all of the men on the show.

Younger Men.

Jenny has no problem being wined and dined by younger men but save the word cougar for someone else. The star is having the time of her life. McCarthy says, "I've been very well taken care of lately. I'm having a good time right now... I'm just enjoying myself. I have been visiting the younger [men]."

What Else?

Jenny's new pop culture talk show is in the works with VH1. It will be called "The Jenny McCarthy Show." Watch "Love in the Wild" this summer on NBC. Check your local listings for details.

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