Jenny McCarthy Dating Donnie Wahlberg: 5 Things to Know About Her New Man

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Jenny McCarthy Dating Donnie Wahlberg: 5 Things to Know About Her New Man

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There's a new kid on Jenny's block!

Former New Kid on the Block and current "Blue Bloods" star Donnie Wahlberg is dating Jenny McCarthy, according to a report from Access Hollywood.

While McCarthy once told she was looking to meet a "nice guy" who's not from Los Angeles ("The guys are like chicks out here," she said. "There's no real guy guys…") she later told People she hoped to meet eligible bachelors via her late night VH1 show, "The Jenny McCarthy Show." "I keep telling my producers to books some cute, heterosexual single men," she said earlier this year.

Mission accomplished! After Wahlberg's steamy guest spot on her show (the two got cozy -- and talked dirty -- while sucking on red lollipops on the show back in March) real life sparks flew.

Meanwhile, with his NKOTB days behind him, there's more to Boston-bred Donnie than meets the eye. Here are five things to know about Jenny McCarthy's new guy.

He's the new cop on the block

He plays a policeman on TV, but when Wahlberg decided to go behind the scenes with real life Boston cops, "Boston's Finest" was born. Of his TNT reality show, Donnie told The Day Connecticut, "It's a big risk for any police department to do something like this, and I think, for them, they would only entrust it to a local boy. I speak the same language as the people that the show is about, and I come from the streets that they patrol and that they grew up on themselves."

He knows where to get a good burger

In 2011, Donnie and two of his bros (you may know Mark) opened Wahlburgers, a funky burger joint in Hingham, Mass. But the brothers first had to secure the previously trademarked Wahlburgers name. (A New York restaurant chain had a menu item called the Wahlburger, according to Us Weekly). These days it's not uncommon for Donnie and Mark to surprise guests by stopping by the eatery, where menu items include a Thanksgiving burger loaded with Turkey Day leftovers like cranberry sauce and seasoned stuffing, as well as burgers topped with "government standard" cheese.

He's weathered the storm

Last fall, Donnie's New York apartment was flooded out by the superstorm that struck the East Coast. The actor posted a series of status updates on Twitter in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which showed him wading through more than a foot of water in his apartment building. He tweeted: "My entire building is under a foot of water. Awesome neighbors all banding together to help each other! Stay safe!" Later he updated with: "Safe & Sound on Higher Ground! Don't worry about me. Material things are meaningless. Check in with those you know in the storm! Stay safe!"

He ended a long-running feud in an unlikely way

Back in his New Kid heyday, Wahlberg butted heads with tabloid reporter Piers Morgan after The Sun writer penned a scathing review of the band's early '90s British tour. Morgan recently rehashed the tiff in the Daily Mail, admitting he wrote "a few less than complimentary observations about New Kids." In turn, NKOTB banned Morgan from their shows, and at the 1991 Rock In Rio Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Wahlberg argued with him during a large press conference. According to Morgan: "Donnie had to be led away by security guards before rearranging my pretty little features." After Donnie wore an anti-Piers T-shirt to a London show, he told the impressionable crowd: "In case you don't know this Piers Morgan dude, he's always slagging us off and putting us down. His stuff should be ignored, you shouldn't read what he writes." Fast forward two decades later and the two made amends following the Boston marathon bombings, when Wahlberg promoted a charity event for his hometown on Morgan's CNN show.

He's a foodie

Move over, Iron Chef! Donnie logged his daily diet for Everyday with Rachael Ray, and breakfast included "an egg white burrito with vegetables, fresh fruit and a Starbucks black tea with milk and Splenda."

"I eat the same thing every morning," he wrote. "I wish I was a guy who could have pancakes and bacon and cheesy eggs, but I'd curl up and pass out. I gotta start healthy or I'll be off the rails all day."

While lunch was grilled chicken salad and dinner at a steakhouse included "a monster steak with all the sides -- thick-cut bacon, buttery potatoes and creamed spinach," there's one delicacy he'll skip: Dessert from a crazed fan. He told the Improper Bostonian, "I just remember this one fan who always used to show up and give us these clearly poisonous cupcakes. It was pretty scary."

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