Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn't Want to Talk About Her $5 Million Breasts Anymore

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn't Want to Talk About Her $5 Million Breasts Anymore

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Jennifer may have found a bachelor romance.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a lot to get off her chest when it comes to her breasts -- "The Client List" star has had a lot to say about her ample assets over the years.

According to Us Weekly, the busty brunette beauty recently talked to USA Today about just how valuable her breasts are, and this is what she said about what they should be insured for: "I need, like, an insurance invitation. If somebody was like, 'Hey, you know what? We would like to insure your boobs for $2.5 million dollars,' I'd be like, 'Do it. Love it! Why not? These things right here are worth $5 million!"

Jennifer Love Hewitt's joke about getting her breasts insured got quite a lot of attention, and now the actress is claiming that she doesn't want to talk about her size 36C bust anymore. She tweeted," Okay the 5 mill boob joke is really getting crazy! I was asked a question, I answered. I don't want to talk about boobs anymore!" But will she really be able to quit bragging about her beloved bosom? The many past comments she's made about her cleavage indicate that she's going to have a hard time avoiding banter about her breasts.

She's all natural

During a 2001 interview with Culture, Jen denied rumors that her breasts are fake by saying this about being a blossoming teen beauty: "My chest grew bigger one summer five years ago, and random women would come up to me on set and go, 'Oh, who's your doctor?' And I would think, 'What is wrong with you? First of all, boobs are not this fascinating and second of all, why are you denying the fact I was working 18 hours a day on a film and not laying on a table and getting a boob job?'" So Jen claims that her boobs aren't fascinating, but her many breast-oriented interviews indicate that she thinks otherwise.

Her cleavage's career

By 2007, Jen was no longer defensive about chatter about her chest. According to Contact Music, she said of her cleavage's cult following, "It makes me laugh - there's a hundred other body parts that I feel completely insecure about and would rather no one ever talked about. So if they focus on those, it's fine with me! My breasts have a career of their own." So it's a good thing the $5 million breasts are attached to her chest -- Jen's paycheck would probably plummet drastically if they ditched her to get their own gig.

Why she won't bare her bod

Here's what Jen told The Sun about keeping some of her curves covered: "I've always turned down parts with nudity. I didn't like to look at myself naked, so I did not want the world to look at me naked either. I don't mind the rest. I do not mind having my boobs accentuated. I would much rather have attention on my boobs than my big butt." So sorry, guys -- Jen doesn't think that she's perfect enough to do Playboy.

Her King Kong cleavage

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Jen was presented with a piece of a billboard for "The Client List" that featured a super-sized shot of her cleavage. Here's what she said about the gift: "Seriously, that looks like a horror movie blown up… They're like King Kongs or something." Now there's a fun movie idea for Jen's breasts to ditch her for.


Last year Jen couldn't stop talking about a "scandal" that involved the size of her cleavage being reduced on certain billboards for "The Client List." According to the Daily Mail, she told Wendy Williams this about the altered photos: "I have big boobs naturally -- thank you God -- and we did these ads which I was very proud of and then all of a sudden I look in this magazine and they're not my boobs. And they're way smaller and they added a tank top and I was like, 'Who played with my boobs?' It was very confusing for me so we called it 'boobgate' around the set.'" According to TV Guide, Jen also said of boobgate, "Apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction." It's highly doubtful that anyone wanted that, Jen.

Her cleavage nightmare

Apparently the cleavage reduction ordeal really stressed Jen out, because she started dreaming about her breasts shrinking. According to Us Weekly, here's what she told Chelsea Handler about her chest-related nightmare: "I actually had a nightmare the other night that people were trying to deflate my boobs while I was working. They had tubes and I was trying to work, but they kept getting smaller. I was like, 'Guys, don't take them away!' I'm getting issues about it, I think." So just keep talking it out, Jen -- you'll feel better if you get it all off your chest.

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