Jennifer Lopez's Video Shoot Interrupted by Gunfire, Plus Her Other Life Scares

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Jennifer Lopez's Video Shoot Interrupted by Gunfire, Plus Her Other Life Scares

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Jennifer Lopez recently had a scare on the set of her music video for "Live It Up."

Usually Jennifer Lopez only has to worry about dance moves and lip-synching on a music video shoot, not ducking bullets. On Sunday night, the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park set for her video "Live It Up" was shaken up when gunshots rang out. J-Lo was quickly rushed by security to her car as authorities converged at the end of the beach where they were filming. Luckily no one was hurt, and work continued. Like some other life scares the music diva has endured, she always finds a way to forge ahead.

Baby Emme: The biggest scare in Lopez's life came days after her twins were born in 2008. The new mom found a strange lump on her daughter Em's head, and she and husband Marc Anthony immediately started "panicking." The two rushed to the hospital to have Emme checked out, and thankfully all turned out well.

But that day of panic got the wealthy superstar thinking about those parents less fortunate than herself. "What if … there was something wrong with my baby and there was nothing I could do about it?" she wondered. The two parents decided to start the Maribel Foundation, named after Anthony's late sister, to provide pediatric health care to those who can't afford it.

Brother Max: Not to be left out of frightening his mom, Emme's twin brother Max recently required stitches for an injury to his chin. The 5-year-old may end up with a tiny physical scar, but the mother always earns the emotional one. "I was freaking out," J-Lo confessed, "but he was fine. He said it tickled."

Stage Fall: Anyone doing stage performances as elaborate as Lopez can expect to take a tumble now and again. At the AMAs in 2009, the talented dancer performed a stunt by leaping off of a human pyramid. Luckily, she landed safely on her famous backside, but she definitely experienced a spark of panic as she flew through the air. Landing wrong could have led to a serious sprain or even broken bones, but happily the show went on.

It's not the only time the singer has endured a scary stage fall. In LA in 2012, the former "American Idol" judge had a dance mishap that drew blood!

The Darkness: J-Lo has conquered any fears she may have had about performing in front of stadiums and appearing before millions on TV, but there's one thing that still scares her: the dark. "I like the quiet, but I don't like the dark," she says. The lights in her home have dimmers, so she can work her way down to the darkness at night. When she was married to Anthony, he always waited until she fell asleep before turning the lights out completely. Think current boytoy Casper Smart does the same for her now?

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